Banners have been a theme throughout the past few months for Celtic fans as they try any way possible to try and send a message to the board.

The club have continually ignored the support and refused to take their concerns seriously.

The club have also exonerated themselves of any responsibility when it comes to the Dubai debacle and are still defending the trip even though it has cost us dearly.

Peter Lawwell and the board need to wake up and realise they’re about to lose a lot of season ticket holders come renewal time if they don’t act.

There’s no self entitled fans here, we understand we can’t win forever but the collapse and self harm this club has done to itself over the past six months is unprecedented. Instead of listening to the support, they actively pushed back and now we’re in a worse state.

The banner which appeared outside Celtic Park last night got it right…you can’t hide forever. Peter Lawwell would have more than likely been greeted with it when he made his way to work.


  1. Brentford Nylons should never gone burst. Where will the Celtic support get their bedlinen from? And their poster paint and brushes. Good thing Harry Corrie and Lidl are still opened …..


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