Celtic striker Patryk Klimala was hoping to have been named a New York Red Bull player on Friday.

The player is in New York as we speak and has passed a medical which was the final part of the puzzle, or so he thought.

Paperwork allowing him to work in the US has still to go through and until it does, the deal can’t be confirmed.

The forward was hoping to be part of the matchday squad on Sunday when Red Bulls take on Sporting Kansas but that’s off the table at this point in proceedings.

Klimala doesn’t really need to get up to speed, the lad is clearly fit and raring to go.

He’s not had that much game time this season but it’s clear the striker will have no issue diving in at the deep end when the paperwork does eventually go through.

Celtic have played a blinder with this deal and it represents a great piece of business for a player we had no intention of using going forward. Glasgow Live report Celtic could recoup the money paid for him; that’s around £3.5m.

The Klimala Deal could be the final player transfer Peter Lawwell is heavily involved with.


  1. You need to get out of Lawwells backside, played a blinder, are you blind? Lawwell signed the guy along with Shved and a number of others. Lawwells control freaked cost is 10 in a row! Ffs wake up man, stop being a doormat.

  2. Lawwell “played a blinder” getting you to shill for him in what is the Tim equivalent of succulence. Klimala/Shved/Bayo/Ajeti etc. etc. are his signings so he’d only have “played a blinder” if he had just kept his nose out of areas that were in no way his responsibility. The sooner the deluded champ manager wannabe departs the club the better. If the door hits his erse on the way out the so be it.

  3. Did Lawwell not deliver the Quadruple Treble and Nine In A Row?
    Can we talk about some of the greatest signings?
    Boric, Naka, Van Dyke, Dembele…etc…etc.

    The guys time’s up at Celtic, fresh blood’s needed, but let’s not get carries away with this witch-hunt of the man!
    At one point he was ‘Pistol Pete’, then he was ‘The Sharp Suited Man’! Basically, he could do no wrong in the eyes of the Celtic Faithful.
    He done a great job at CP for a long time, let’s not rewrite history here. It’s a wee bit hunnish, imo.

  4. I would not blame PL for all the ills at Celtic this season, but i would not give him sole credit for delivering “the Quadruple Treble and NIne In A Row” either. He certainly had his faults, bringing in players that never looked like first teamers and not getting players the management wanted.

  5. I dont think that Peter Lawwell actually goes out and watches a player,think thats down to the recruitment team and they recommend the player the CEO may then come in to negotiate the transfer fee and the players wages or terms so it perplexes me to see these so called celtic supporters having a go at him,surely its the recruitment team who were lacking. If some of those so called supporters where in charge even Fergus could not have saved us.If you measure the success he has brought to the club in his leadership it far outways the downsides.Maybe we have been too successful and the expectation of some are too high, yes we want to win every game in every competition but sometimes that is just not possible especially with some of the hurdles that are put in front of us.I could tell you but its a secret.

  6. Yerman, don’t be rediculous, no-ones suggesting Lawwell’s has ‘sole credit’ for the nine and the quad Treb, but he’s been CEO since 2003, so credit where it’s due. As for not getting players in, not that old chestnut.
    McManus, Vargas, McGeady, Boric, Naka, Jan VoH, BROONIE, Scott Mc, Hinkel, Sammi, Mulgrew, Forster, Ledley, Hooper, Stokes, Izzy, Commons, Wanyama, Lustig, Rogic, Van Dijk, McGregor, Griffiths, Tierney, Armstrong, Boyata, Christie, Ajer, Dembele, Sinclair, French Eddie.

    But all that history means nothing, 18 years of history, record breaking transfer numbers, massive numbers financially mean nothing!
    Because we didn’t sign McGinn?

    Sorry, but that is utter nonsense, and as I stated before, a complete witch-hunt on a man who’s given his best years to our club.
    No one is perfect.

    • Its possibly too early and too much of a contentious issue among fans in this shocker of a season for a calm assessment of Lawwell’s spell as CEO.
      IMO on the whole he’s done a good job in a period when Scottish football and certain clubs struggled financially.
      On the negative side, our lack of European progress and the fact that we are currently a million miles away from matching Europe’s finest and the carnage of this season, the dubious appointment of NL in the Hampden shower and his failure to sack Lennon way back in Sept/Oct when it was obvious to all that his time was up, will taint his legacy for a long time to come


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