IF Peter Lawwell wants me or any other Celtic fan to think he didn’t know there was a large portion of the fan base who believed Neil Lennon shouldn’t get the job then you only need to look at the timing of the announcement to debunk that notion.

Peter Lawwell has said he stays away from online and the online negativity so he can do his job. If that’s the case he’s probably got people around him who praise his work and shake his hand for the job he’s doing – talk about insulation.

“I’m not online, I don’t go on it. But, honestly, I’ve said hundreds of times, you need blinkers in this job.” Lawwell told SunSport.

“And if you react to online, or social media, or media, then you’re DEAD.

“You just need to keep on doing the right things and believe in yourself and making the right decisions.

“That’s what we’ve done — without any outside influences.”

Neil Lennon is our boss now and we go forward with him as we reach for the ten. That decision has been made and we support the Irishman through thick and thin.

What’s so disheartening or even insulting is the way the board have conducted themselves on two counts!

  1. Brendan Rodgers

Yes, we know Brendan was taking us all for a ride when it came to the ‘I’m one of you’ patter. However, the timing of his exit let the board get away with one of the biggest own goals since not building on Seville. They refused to go all in on Rodgers and get him what he wanted in the transfer market. Brendan left knowing there was  know place else to go because he wasn’t getting the players in that he asked for. His exit meant there was absolujtely no heat on Lawwell for failing to land key targets in three separate windows. If you don’t back a guy properly who lands you so much success then Neil Lennon will surely have to get the begging bowl out.

2. The timing of the Neil Lennon announcement speaks to a board, media team at Celtic who knew absolutely what the feeling was out there and took advantage of a situation where we were all on a high. I was standing at Kings Park station, ten minutes after leaving the stadium absolutely buzzing when the news broke online. They know what they did, so to listen to Peter Lawwell says he’s unaware of any online furores or opinion – he’s not telling the truth. Any other manager would have been announced on Monday or Tuesday morning after the bank holiday.

This is 100% no dig at Neil Lennon before anyone moans. My gripe goes to how our board conduct themselves and ask us to swallow it. Peter Lawwell bragged! He actually bragged about talking to nobody else about the Celtic job – his remit is to get the best man for the job. If you go through an interview process and at the end of it, Neil Lennon is still your guy then it’s easier to wrap your head around. When a man in charge of a massive club says he didn’t even entertain other managers and wear it as a badge of honour is embarrassing.

Lucky he doesn’t stray online, so he won’t see this.


  1. Not in agreement with either Peter or you. All roads lead directly to Rome, so whether Peter reads anything a fan blogs or fans blog in is debatable. Said Peter has to run the club on a shoestring budget, even though the gross value of CFCPLC outstrips that. Celtic can do better than Neil Lennon, but chose not to.

    They have the financial muscle to do so, hence getting Brendan Rogers and Martin O’Neil and spend some spare cash on loans and transfer’s.

    They are not fed up with great managers leaving to go to other clubs, because they did back them.

    But because of, and they know this riles the supporters, but not their backers .

    We’re not pleading for a great boss and backroom staff and a squad of players to conquer Europe, they like us, want a safe pair of hands to move forwards again. Even if its a backwards step.

    But just one they’re going to back. As they never have.

    But it could be worse they could’ve called John Barnes or Tony Mowbery.

  2. Ok is this Celtic fans not wanting Neil Lennon?if its was not him then you can forget 9 and lets all disagree and let them win everything next season,is that what you want then lets get behind Neil Lennon and see what he can do from here on in…

  3. The biscuit tin comes to mind. Immediate money up front, strengthen the team yes to rebuild no, goalkeeper back up, right back, quality centre half(that’s in old money) strong midfielder with muscle aka like Broony. The board must make a statement of intent for the fans to believe in them???????☘️☘️???????

    • You are absoulately right it was Lawell who messed up the John McGinn transfer and there he is starring for Villa today. Now probably a 10 million pound player.

  4. People are starting to see where the problem really lies. Yes, Brendan R should have stayed to see out the season. BUT, can you really blame him for throwing in the towel?

    Your boss openly briefs against you in the media [Chris McLaughlin, BBC], obviously with the board’s tacit consent, otherwise Lawwell would have been censured at the very least, if not sacked.

    Your – very modest – transfer requests get lip service paid them, but are not delivered. Clearly you’re working for people who don’t want to be upstaged by some young buck who’s winning ways are winning the hearts and minds of the supporters. That sort of thing puts professional reputations on the line and huge salaries in jeopardy. If you’re BR, why would you put your heart and soul into a project which is never going to come off, however hard you work? What do you owe a CEO and board who are more than happy to throw you under the bus?

    Ultimately it doesn’t matter a jot that many of our board, Mr Lawwell and Dermot Desmond aren’t authentic Celtic people (they seem to me to have big egos, but faint hearts). That’s okay. We can live with that.
    There are plenty of examples of successful clubs owned and run by people who have little or no affinity with their clubs- e.g Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Man Utd , Spurs – all these clubs are owned by Jews.

    What matters most is footballing knowledge and judgement. Desmond is sadly lacking in both. Offering Roy Keane the manager’s job after Deila’s sacking tells you all you need to know on this score.

    Lennon is a good guy. We cant and shouldn’t blame him for accepting the job. We can and should demand more of the board who have appointed him. Ten-in-a-row. I hope so, but can’t say I think so.

    Time for Tim ownership, along the lines of Swansea?

  5. Yous are all talking like they decided their and then tae give lenny the job see if people listened to what he said what he said was they were always going to give lenny the job whether you believe that or not is entirely down to which side of the fence your on but I can believe the reason they hadn’t given him the job was to basically keep him on his toes until it was done and dusted but they decided to quell the rumours their and then that’s why

  6. Yous are all talking like they decided their and then tae give lenny the job see if people listened to what he said what he said was they were always going to give lenny the job whether you believe that or not is entirely down to which side of the fence your on but I can believe the reason they hadn’t given him the job was to basically keep him on his toes until it was done and dusted but they decided to quell the rumours their and then that’s why they offered him the job when they did they could’ve waited till Monday or Tuesday but why bother what does it matter anyway still not heard anybody mention a plausible alternative to lenny not many managers out their with a cv like his especially that would be willing to come to Scotland and he deserves it after all he did come in when he didn’t have to and as for PL and DD not talking to anyone else so far it would’ve been pretty shit if they were interviewing people while somebody else was their pulling you out of the shit and doing what he had been asked to do and you had told him you wouldn’t speak to anyone until after the end of the season you really think they should’ve been shame on you and anyone else that thinks like that after all were first to shout and moan when we feel somebody has been disrespectfull to us and shown us no loyalty hail hail

  7. Some of the managers being linked with the job was daft to start with ( forget BR, he was out of work at the time & needed to bolster his career, that was just good timing.. He also had feelings for the club which helped sway things).. WHO is the man fans want ..? not heard one reasonable answer ( forget the Benitez salary alone makes that non starter, Mourinho / Martinez was April Fools stuff). Steve Clarke was never coming… he would have been great choice but wouldn’t have wanted the job anyway, already turned down Sevco & his comments recently suggest he would have done same with us. No English managers spring to mind ( that we could attract or afford) so then its a case of a gambling with Foriegn ( any new manager is a gamble but going foreign is always more of a risk, many great names have failed when moving countries) OR we play safe with Lenny & try to get 10, if we make 10 or fail, then is the time for left field appointments not now.


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