CELTIC SUPREMO Peter Lawwell is leading the charge against UEFA and it’s planned reforms to marginalise clubs like Celtic by giving over half the Champions League spots to English, Spanish, Italian and German football from August 2018.

The Celtic chief executive has teamed up with dutch counterparts Ajax as well as PSV and Anderlecht and is spear heading the charge to stop a UEFA wipe out when it comes to clubs outside the top four or five leagues.

It’s these clubs opinion that if UEFA carry on in this direction it would spell disaster for the European financial eco system and leave clubs in perilous positions.

While Celtic don’t have as much stroke as a Real Madrid or Barcelona, Peter Lawwell’s presence and persistence has opened the door to UEFA talks that look to help clubs in our position rather than hinder.

Could a Celtic vs Ajax match be classed as a domestic game in the future?

The top teams have threatened to walk if changes didn’t go through to ensure their participation in the competition with TV rights and money being at the heart of their pitch. Already wealthy clubs showing their greed with little to no regard for the bigger picture.

The top sides want a 24 team Champions league with 16 of those spots going to the big leagues.

Lawwell and co have went in the complete opposite direct and have pitched a 48 team Champions League. The argument being that the more clubs exposed in the competition the better for the teams and their own TV markets, helping them to at least stay competitive with the big boys.

If the top clubs get there way there’s likely to be major talks between Scottish, Dutch, Belgian leagues etc about what they would do next. A violent push by European’s richest clubs could see the creation of an Atlantic league not so far down the line.


  1. Brilliant reàd as always thanks for keeping us all up to date, Q Who O why Celtic as Champions of Thier league always have to play from out with the Champions league from the start as all the other countries doo and these countries have more than two (2) does not make sense is this legal?? Hh ktf


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