PETER LAWWELL is set to be reappointed as an SPFL board member for the coming season at the leagues AGM later this month as he takes Stewart Robertson’s place in the set up.

While this will be treated by some across the city as an antagonistic move — this appears to be the agreement in place that Celtic, and their Glasgow rivals swap out from the position every year. With Robertson’s calamitous time as a board member up in where he accused his fellow board members of treachery — the Celtic chief will help presided over some unsettled times in Scottish football.

The Daily Record wrote:

There is every chance that this uncertainty and rancour will all still be rumbling on in three weeks’time when the SPFL holds its AGM to decide on the make-up of Doncaster’s board for the new campaign. There’s also every chance Celtic’s chief executive Peter Lawwell will be re-appointed to the set-up at that stage, replacing Rangers managing director Stewart Robertson as has become the customary summer boardroom job swap in recent times.

If that happens then Lawwell, who has kept his own counsel throughout this period of? unprecedented unrest, will be dragged into the thick of the fight. He’s unlikely to join in quietly or, for that matter, to feel much in the way of empathy for the two clubs most sorely aggrieved.

Peter Lawwell is an astute businessman if nothing else and his presence on the board is good for the game. The running joke that he runs Scottish football won’t dissipate any time soon but in reality — he’s a level headed voice in the emotional arena of Scottish football.

Celtic are going for an unprecedented ten in a row next term and that has to be the focus for all at the club. Neil Lennon and his men are preparing for the new season by training down south before a pre-season trip to France.

By the time the first game kicks off in August, Peter should be part of the SPFL set up.


  1. About time, big Peter has been running the show for some while now, well at least according to the brain dead sevconians. Without a shred of dignity, Robertson is stepping aside to focus on a new dossier.


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