Speaking to Jim White on Talk Sport this morning Peter Lawwell spoke candidly about the statement made yesterday by The Rangers.

He reiterated Celtic’s statement and refused to be drawn into a public slanging match.

“What we won’t do is get into a public spat, we operate to the highest possible standards, we’ll deal with these matters in a private and professional manner.

“We don’t want to sensationalise this and take it out of context. The overwhelming proportion of the supporters gave us positive support on Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed the occasion.”

Anyone out with The Rangers were left scratching their heads yesterday as the club released the most ironic statement most of us have had the displeasure of reading. A club steeped in bigotry crying about sectarian hatred against them? It tickled even the most stoic of people.

They are Rangers, the “mighty” Rangers, No one likes them, they really seem to care.



  1. Deflect deflect deflect that’s all the huns and the churnalists in Scotland want to do is take the shine of a superb Celtic display , class as always from our board and crass as we’ve come to expect from them. HAILHAIL

  2. Yeah look when Hibs embarrassed them in the cup final we had a similar statement to the one yesterday after up giving them a good hiding. All deflection tactics to hide their own inadequacies.

    For the record I am totally against anything from the Celtic support that resembles what you would see on a loyalist bonfire, from the KKK or indeed the Sevco supporters but at the same time I am unwilling to accept this generalisation BS about the actions of one or a handful of ‘Celtic supporters’.

  3. The Huns are an embarrassment to themselves. We all know what to expect from them. They blame everyone else for everything.
    That said, the utter morons who hung those blow up dolls have to be tracked down and removed from Celtic park for good. Even the Spanish press, who normally love us, are criticising. This is as much of an embarrassment to Celtic, and sevcos statements are to them.
    Whilst we are at it, the GBs coloured jackets were a work of genius, but again with the unnecessary banners. What was the flag o war about, and why was it necessary?
    We know the media will look for any opportunity to ignore their singing, and in a week when footage of them destroying the toilets emerged, we provide ammunition to attack Celtic and ignore he Huns behaviour.
    We need to get a section o our own fans under control, before we can honestly criticise those lot.
    Whilst I really don’t believe the dolls were about Boyds brother, or I pray they weren’t, it’s still an appallingly stupid thing to do.
    This week should have been a celebration, and a chance to see the media squirm and make up excuses for them, but instead they get to report bad stories about us, and in ore what their fans did on the day.

    • Yeah the Spanish press seem to be tying the thing to Boyds brother, whoever gave them that version of events – I believe whoever responsible to have the IQ of a snail but at the same time I do not for one minute believe that it had anything to do with this.

      Personally I was not aware of the awful tragedy the Boyd family suffered until yesterday but I assumed on seeing the pictures of the dolls it was meant to mean that the Sevco support let their previous love (Rangers) die while they did nothing (hands tied) and said nothing (mouth gagged) and in effect Rangers killed themselves by spending money that they did not have and cheating the system etc.

      Regardless, as said in an earlier post, I do not want these type of images to be associated with the Celtic support. So called Celtic supporters who do not have the brains to think their actions through should not be attempting any stunts.

      As for the reaction from the other side – they are the ones that are stooping low – we might be tarnished by a few individuals but Jesus wept their new club seem to have assumed all responsibility for going toe to toe with a handful of Neds in our support – give me strength!

  4. Of course They were nothing to do with Boyd’s brother. who ever gives Kris Boyd a second thought. That was the fevered suggestion of the nugget that writes for Scotzine, who is apparently a Celtic supporter desperate for a start with the Record. v

  5. I don’t normally comment on what I see or hear about what fans get up during or after an old firm game because it usually causes more agro, However, Having watched the moronic behaviour of the Rangers fans while destroying the facilities at Celtic park I have concerns about what our fans might do when we visit Ibrox. I hope our fans will show them up by not duplicating their antics. I have been a Celtic fan from being around 5yrs old and will remain a Celtic fan till I shuffle of my mortal coil and in all this time I have never deliberately damaged any property of any club that I have visited over my 57 years as a loyal fan. These actions I’m afraid are the actions of brainless morons who have no place in football as supporters and I make no distinction between any so called supporters that conduct themselves in this manner, they should all be given life bans and prosecuted to the letter of the law. I am unsure as to why some of the Rangers fans were recording what was going? was it to let us see who was causing the damage so that they could be caught. or was it as I tend to think, they were recorded it so they could impress their pals as to how brainless the really are.

    As to the idiots who thought it was a good idea to display blow up dolls with Rangers tops on and hanging them as effigies are just as brainless which just goes to that there are idiots on both sides. I also have to ask the question as to whether the people who purport to represent Rangers and their fans had seen the footage of the criminal damage being done in the name of The Rangers football club before they made their complaint or as I suspect, the compliant was published in an attempt to deflect attention away from what their fans had done. And as for the media and the press I will say only that this is only what we have come to expect from a politically and religiously biased group of people. which is only reinforced as I have seen nothing being reported regarding the actions of the Rangers fans thus far.

  6. Of course they won’t ! Don’t you mind wee Lenny getting hung on a Belfast wall, come on behave, all jumping to the Hun beat ! they who cry wolf, it’s time people caught themselves on the huns ! Singing sectarian songs, calling Catholics child abusers, smashing toilets, smashing up Manchester being the scumbags of European football for years, cheering on the murderers of innocent Catholics and they have the balls to call us bigot’s, let’s get things sorted, these people are not welcome in paradise never mind the scum trying to ban from the crumbledome, What I done tonight was have a champions league party not watch “can’t pay won’t pay”


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