It’s being reported Peter Lawwell is working tirelessly behind the scenes to help Celtic one last time before he rides off into the sunset.

The Chief executive will leave the club this summer but according to RecordSport, the businessman is not merely sitting at his desk winding down.

Keith Jackson writes:

“Peter Lawwell who will not just be sitting on his hands while counting down the days until he collects his pay-off at the end of his final season.

“Far from it, Lawwell will be busy plotting Celtic’s response in order to lighten the burden on his successor Dominic McKay who cannot be reasonably expected to rebuild an entire club in the first couple of weeks of July.

“Of course, Lawwell’s decision making over the last 12 months has gone seriously wonky but, even so, he’s got a great deal more right than wrong over his time at the helm so their rivals cannot afford to take Celtic’s continued self-harming for granted.

“Rather, they should be prepared for a significant backlash while crossing their fingers and toes that they are not faced with another rebuild of their own over the coming months.”

Celtic are looking for a new management team and to implement a new structure at the club. It appears Peter is taking a big role in what’s going on, but no doubt acting in tandem with the incoming Dominic Mckay who can’t officially begin his tenure until the summer.

Talk of a Director of Football coming in and then a manager has been prevalent but fans are in the dark as to what the club is truly thinking at this juncture.

Are they going for a steady appointment or will they go for a blockbuster move? Nobody knows, and the media is scrambling to try and find out any information to no avail.

When Dermot Desmon wants Celtic fans to know something he will likely let The Sun know.


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