Former Celtic striker and BT Sports pundit Chris Sutton is the next player to have his say in the clubs latest guard of honour discussion.

Writing in his weekly column for the Daily Record, Sutton called for the club to be the bigger club by giving the Ibrox side a guard of honour going into the game.

“Rangers have been the better team this season but Celtic should have been the bigger club – by giving their old rivals a guard of honour at Parkhead.
“Steven Gerrard’s side are coming as champions and they deserve to be shown respect. The Celtic squad don’t have to like it but by choosing not to do one is poor form in a poor season.
“There should have been the guard of honour – and it should have stuck in their throats for the whole 15 seconds it would have taken.
“That kind of hurt would have been the motivation needed for the game, for the rest of this season and for getting back in to the fight next term.
“It would also be the right thing to do. But it’s another bad decision in a season full of them.
“Let’s be honest, the whole thing is a trivial sideshow but just because Rangers were so petty and pathetic not to do it that last time when Celtic faced them as champions, it doesn’t mean my old club had to be the same.”

The decision was confirmed yesterday by John Kennedy that the club would not be giving a guard of honour ahead of the game to the opposing side.

Sutton, of course, isn’t the first former Celtic player or manager to bring this idea up with the likes of Gary Caldwell and Brendan Rodgers also saying similar.

For some reason, it has been one of the biggest talking points going into the game when did anyone really expect the club to do so?

It has been discussed enough over the past few days so with the decision now being confirmed that should be the end of it and now we move on to the game.


  1. Treat others as you would have them treat you…so as sevco5888 decided not to offer a guard of honour for us, we are not disrespecting them or being petty, we are simply treating their title win as they treated our title win. Nothing different, not a big headline. I honestly don’t recall much in the press about the guard of honour for us? It’s a non story


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