BARRY FERGUSON has confirmed that his side will appeal a retrospective ban handed to Niang if he is given one for his challenge on Yosuke Ideguchi.

Not only this, he believes the challenge only merits a booking as the Alloa player had his eyes on the ball.

Thursday Flagship Podcast w/ Gianni Capaldi

To also bring his age into the discussion is embarrassing, the tackle was a shocker, no matter what age the player is – punishment should be expected.

Niang may have intended to win the ball without making contact but the fact of the matter is – he made contact at an excessive speed and used force.

The tackle looked really poor in real-time, slowed down it emphasised the danger Guchi was in. Because of the tackle Celtic now face a spell without Ideguchi with an already depleted midfield.

The purpose of looking at tackles retrospectively is to look at the incident and decide if further action is to be taken. The result of the hearing is still to be decided, but it is looking like the Alloa player will receive a ban.

Barry has a right and must defend his players, but not beyond reason. If he was any sort of manager, he would tell Niang to take his lumps and get on with things. It seems almost petulant from Ferguson.


  1. So we have a young inexperienced player who was told by his manager to “get in thur faces and bite thur ankles”.

    Result: 2 ankle injuries and a fractured cheekbone to Celtic players.

    Seems to me that more Alloa players should be charged, and given that they were acting on instructions, so should the manager.


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