It has been a week and a half since the Glasgow Derby and we still can’t get enough.

Especially when clips like this surface online.

Never mind Rangers TV, it was Celtic TV’s turn to steal the limelight on Derby day in Glasgow which would see Olivier Ntcham be rechristened as Olivia Ntcham from an over-exuberant commentator.

Celtic won their first SPFL Glasgow Derby of the season at the start of September after a whole load of hype coming out the machine at the other end of the city.

Instead of getting a thumping from Steven Gerrard’s side, we gave them a footballing lesson in passing, patience and showed how to score a fantastic counter attacking goal.

When the ball hit the back of the net, the Celtic fans went nuts and well so did the Celtic fans in the commentary booth.

Both Paul Cuddihy and Tom Boyd lose the place and a consonant from the goalscorers surname – I’m sure the Frenchman will forgive them.



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