ABERDEEN were torn apart by a rampant Celtic side in full flow at the weekend – smashing four past the home side in the first half and making short work of the Dons.

While many agree Celtic were simply outstanding on the day – especially in the first half – Steven Thompson told BBC Sportscene he thought Aberdeen were embarrassing and that they lay down to Celtic.

Current Aberdeen star Craig Bryson has hit back at that suggestion and questions why a former pro would say that about a football team.

“What footballer is ever going to lie down?” he told RecordSport.

“Nobody is ever going to go into a game wanting to get beaten.

“What does it even mean? Lying down, what is that? Is that wanting to get beaten?

“We worked all week on a game-plan and a way we felt would help us get something from the game.

“So I don’t see how someone can say we went into the game and lay down.”

The second half was quiet but Celtic didn’t need to do much to make sure of the result. Aberdeen couldn’t live with Celtic on the day and that’s what it boils down to. It’s crazy how we saw the same team get five put past them at Ibrox and nothing like this gets brought up.

Thompson needs to behave himself.


  1. Thompson is a mouthpiece for Jabba. He talks utter sh1te and as an ex-pro he should be more careful in his analysis of games. People only know Thompson for his punditry, not as an ex rankers player. Sevco beat Aberdeen by 5 goals, where was Thompson when that result went down, supping beer at wee Novos i’ll bet. What a shower of degenerates, Pundit, more like a Pudding!!!

  2. I say more power to idiots like Thomson.
    The more people like him spout their rubbish the better for us.
    I don’t want our players,on any occasion,thinking all they have to do is simply turn up.
    We all saw what a fully focussed Celtic squad did to them in their own shithole and that was in part due to the SMSM bumming the Huns up to such an extent that they went into the game as favourites.
    The only team in Scotland who can beat Celtic is Celtic.
    Their tears,in defeat,taste delicious and l for one just can’t get enough HH

  3. I played the game for over 50 years .not once did I go on to park and not bust my arse for my team. We did,nt win all the time but we allways tried like fuck.

  4. Sevconians are there Delusions of Grandeur.Thompson is nothing but a Bitter Twisted Wee Hun who just Cannot hack the fact Celtic are Scotland’s Champion and the Longer We Are Champions the Sweeter it’s Going to be listening to Rockets like this Spouting there Urine.The Ungrateful Dead☘🇨🇮☘

  5. Let us do his old teams over first one tonight then the Dec game then lets hear what the clown has to say with his one sided view on who he thinks should be at the top…

    Let us do this one tonight send the message out Celtic be one be BOSS lets do this do it Celtic….


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