Celtic manager, Neil Lennon has said he and his backroom staff will work with the players, to ’prep’ them for a more unusual Glasgow Derby than we may have seen in the past due to their being no supporters.

As reported in the Scotsman, the Northern Irishman understands this may be tough for the players, playing in such a huge derby, without the fan their to back them.

We will work with the players as best we can to deal with that and prepping them as best we can for the games

”They are amazing games to play in so we have to adjust without supporters as best we can. They have done remarkably well. I don’t know how I would have dealt with it because I thrived on the atmosphere.

”I thrived on the crowd and some players do thrive on it. That is missing at the minute but we are still winning games and winning them well”

So far this season, on paper the hoops have dealt without fans well, dropping points in just one game.

However, based off of performances some may argue the opposite of that.

Neil Lennon’s side hasn’t been on their best form, despite winning games. Things do need to improve in that sense.

With this being such a huge, important game you would hope that the players can get up for a little more than usual, which may allow us to kickstart our season and get up, and running.


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