It’s being reported within Celtic fan media that Peter Lawwell has left the building and paved the way for Dominic McKay to take over the running of the club.

Harry Brady has told his podcast listeners he’s been told Peter has quietly stepped down even though he was supposed to stay on until the end of the month.

This would be huge if true.

Celtic are currently trying to secure a nee manager and coaching staff team, they’re working on several high profile exits from the club and are in negotiations with clubs and they have to sort out what’s going to happens with supporters next season if some can get into the ground.

Harry Brady had Peter Lawwell on his podcast a few years back. We believe that’s the only real interaction he’s had with fan media.

Speaking on his podcast, Brady said:

“Peter Lawwell finished at 5pm on Friday. Well, at some point on Friday, apparently. I don’t think that’s been formally announced because technically I’m sure his contracts paid up, but apparently, Friday was actually his last day.

“That’s part of the reason that prompted me to do this podcast because it hopefully clears the way for Dominic McKay to make all these announcements.”

It would surprise us greatly if this was the case. If the CEO has stepped down early it could be because of the harrowing incident at his family home when thugs set fire to his car and home. Peter could be taking a step back early to be with his family and sort out things as a result of the shocking attack.

Officially the club are saying nothing because it’s certainly something that would need to be announced to the London Stock exchange.


  1. Good news lawell has left the building hopefully celtic can get players that r worth the money & don’t get players on the cheap.

    • exactly correct, bean counters should not be in charge of football matters, Tonney and Mcginn penny pinching bastard

    • The guy interfered in team matters and would only sign players he thought would eventually contribute to the colossal wage and bonuses he took home. If he had run our club magnificently there’d be no club calling itself “Rangers” in the SPFL.
      Respect is earned, not given freely. Any respect PL earned has been frittered away by his arrogant failures over the last few years.

  2. possibly taking his outstanding leave before finishing officially at the end of the month, then no need to make SE announcement.

  3. McKay is free to make his own decisions. A long term one (a sort of ‘to be completed by next summer’) might be a conversation with Desmond about trimming the board, seeing how much payments they enjoy, measuring up what it would take to get a younger, more business minded but football enthusiastic board in. And sort the DoF position out with someone who is dynamic. Put them in a room with Postecoglou for an hour to have a meet n’ greet, discuss shared philosophies and an amiable working plan of joint co-operation.

    Really hope Ange succeeds. But if he doesn’t, we need that structure above him to ensure any future appointments are seamless.

    Terrible about the car bombing (so HM’s finest don’t have a single shred of evidence???) and perhaps he’s finished up, took remaining holidays, focused on his family. A lot of ex managers, staff are adamant he’s a Celtic man. So maybe in time, his tenure will have it’s good points but nothing can disguise the failure of last season and the reasons for it. Once bitten, twice shy, a mistake we won’t make again


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