While Celtic slugged it out to a very late 1-0 win at Dens Park yesterday there was a story unfolding off the pitch.

We saw the footage of a steward physically removing a tricolour from the stands as well as the aftermath that brought. Ejecting fans for asking why their tri-colour was ripped down instead of them asking to remove it for whatever reason they claim.

It was another day in the life of a Celtic away supporter. Treated with complete and utter contempt by anyone wearing a high-visibility jacket.

I know a lot of these bhoys travel week in and week out to watch Celtic and mean absolutely no harm to anybody. They want to support their team and make some noise.

Having been to more away games this season than ever before (didn’t make it yesterday) the contempt shown by authorities towards myself and other law-abiding Celtic fans is very troublesome.

The mindset seems to be you’re a potential thug if you’re walking up to a football game with your Celtic scarf on. The way the authorities act creates distrust and ill-feeling between both parties.

Celtic Supporter Liasion Officer John Paul has asked for anyone at the game yesterday with information or footage to get in touch.



  1. It appears a hi-vis jacket gives you powers you never thought you had. The theft of the banner with the theif see running away with the flag is clear to see on a video of the incident.
    However the hi-vis brigade are all tooled up for some trouble, and are happy to dish it out. They are literally a team ready to take on people. They don’t police, first inclination is to thump someone for asking questions or raising a valid point to help matters. You have no rights as far as the polis are concerned. Surprised they didn’t have a water cannon handy. They think they are above the law…THEY’RE NOT!!!

  2. Jim McIntyre questioned the added time. He was quoted as saying “we never get 6minutes added on when we are looking for it”. Eh, maybe it’s me but was his team not also given the 6 minutes. They could have made use of it, but were only interested in holding out negatively for a draw.

    Funny, how hypocrites like him and Chick Young (you know ……the St Mirren supporter?….) only see what they want to see. Two Rangers supporting officials added the correct amount of time on for 3 head injuries and 5 substitutions. Good for them!


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