Football policing chief Mark Roberts singled out the Green Brigade and the standing section at Celtic Park as having major issues warning against standing sections at other venues.

Going on live to TalkSport, the police chief tried to run down the Celtic group, ironically accused some of them of bullying behaviour and tried to make them out as problem fans.

Celtic have sanctioned the Green Brigade in the past, their last ban came during 2019 when the club were forced to take action or incur the wrath of UEFA. This was for banners and chants related to shouting down fascists.

The police have been treating normal football fans like hooligans for years now.

If you’ve ever been to a Celtic away day, it’s impossible not come to the conclusion that the police treat fans with disdain.

The Green brigade are often wheeled out by the police. Police Scotland’s harassment toward normal football fans during the offensive behaviour act era was nothing short of reprehensible.

We find it disappointing Mark Roberts is continuing this crusade and taking to national media.

The GB isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but the way they’re being treated and targeted in this interview is shocking.


  1. now there is a top masonic cop telling us tims how to act the fat poof never got the job on merit he only got because he was good at the paw-grabbers ludge .

  2. I suppose Mark Roberts idea of model football supporters are the Ibrox racists thugs who his boys kindly escorted to George Square to trash the place at the expense of the Taxpayer. It’s no coincidence that all their five-bob views and hatred of all things Celtic can be traced back to the Ludges of Scotland and Norn-Irn.
    And Celtic want to employ one of these hate-filled cyclops’s!

  3. Disregard the fans of other clubs.
    The facts are still there for all to see!
    The GB have flaunted rule breaking in the face of UEFA and the less important SPFL for years! They have cost the club millions in anti-behavioural fines and placed the club close to ground closure time and time again.
    Yet some want to defend them!
    While they get behind the team, they are a group of louts who use Paradise as a platform for protests which have zero bearing on Celtic or even the game in general!
    They need to be fans! Not fanatics!

    • I’m no fan of some aspects of the green brigade, but there’s some deal o shite on this page. They may be a little deluded that they are the only ones who want an atmosphere ! but in the old days that accolade belonged to the jungle and the Celtic end and huns end waited for there direction. Nothing new or different. However, the hypocrisy of The Celtic PLC (not the Celtic I support), the usual orange press attacks and the lodges, masonic/orange which include the po-leese and Scottish establishment, hasn’t changed. They hate Irish ! They hate me ! The green brigades stance on politics is within football, because life is politics, football is life and a forum where higher values can be expressed, where joe shit in the street is too frightened to stand up or the means to do so are now so repressed, he hasn’t a hope.

    • Celtic is the best thing in a lot of people’s life. Certainly the consistent for over 60yrs in mine. We are political and victims of an anti-Irish state. So go sit in yer corner and pretend that the capitalists running Celtic PLC, a business, are not political and of course, neither are world football authorities by your logic. Using football to legitimise Zionists etc, isn’t political ? Brit army at Parkhead and poppies isn’t political ?? capitalist advertising and indoctrination of people like your good self isn’t political ? Stay under your covers and they won’t hurt you pal…..least not until, like the Nazis, they run out of others to hurt !!!

  4. Why? because they loath everything Celtic and the GB stand for, their hatred for our club and our supporters is an astounding embarrassment to these cretins who try to tarnish Celtic and the fans at every opportunity they get, but as in decades gone by (although this seems to be on the increase) they cannot defeat us, they may tarnish and abuse us but as the song goes “WE will never be defeated” HH

  5. Roberts won’t be trolling out this p1sh at his second home at Ipox. This is a total insult. Compare the destruction the morons of Govan caused and what we as fans do, almost nil problems!
    Yet Roberts mouths off about the GB threatening Celtic fans. TOTAL TOSH. I have been a FAN since the early 50’s (old guys have an opinion too) and never had any issues. In the 70’s at Ipox, going to the toilet I was prompted to put 50p in the bucket for the UDA.
    Maybe Roberts is too cosy with the Klan to look at what goes on their place, but leave Celtic fans alone, and don’t bring us into your feeble arguments.

    • George, I couldn’t agree more. I’m a little younger than you, but it reminds me of how republicans were deviled by a state mechanism which has a more brutal history than Adolf himself.

  6. Joe & Jako you’re both talking through your arses.
    The GB push the boundaries a bit, meanwhile you 2 and your ilk are content to sit and watch our own fans and other victimised peoples around the world being shat upon from a great height by various authorities.
    Well done both of you ????

  7. Mick,Celtic Park Is not the forum for left of centre politics regarding the abuses going on around the world..I’d rather deal with the abuses and liberty taking of this Tory Board of directors who pollute our club..Now there is something worth fighting for.

  8. How many times have you witnessed the GB mob all in the same area at our away fixtures? Now ask yourself how has that happened? So those that have blinkers on do not have to tax the own ability to think too much I will answer for you. They BULLY and HARASS fellow fans out of their allocated seats to be close to Dumb & Dumber with the megaphone!! Anyone who ignores this truth is beyond help. Almost every fine the Club have been hit with over the last 15 years has been due to the GB’s actions.

  9. They’re football fans, not criminals. They’re just as entitled, as other people, to their opinion and to express that opinion. Police Scotland would do well to remember that they are public servants, and not the boss of civilians.

  10. PC Plum can Bank a Hedgehog.Were do these Idiotic Ludgey types get there input.Govan Sevco FC 2012 Rancid Fan Base is the Problem in Scottish Football.GB Get accused of being Bullies And some find it in them to stick the boot in as well.Tine We All Stick Together and Show these Masonic Turds It’s a No Go.Fck The lot of Them.Horrible Shower of Cow Dung

  11. Celtic fans ‘warts and all’. Is the way both they and us non GB’s prefer it.

    Don’t hide behind your apron and chequered hat Markie Mark. Sure the Green Nursery sing endless sea shanties, and they paint rude images of the truth.
    They also rattle the tin, bucket and poly bag for both their beliefs and countless charities
    Doing so the Celtic way (and on and around it most game days.)
    They pay most of their own fines (ok they get fans to crowdfund them too.)

    Three quarters of the stadium happily singing rebel songs too. Are you now going to drag our Secondary education music period teachers into disrepute. Ya balding blind cun7. My music teacher was a prod and they didn’t mind.
    It kept us from setting fire to her, and her children and village in Stirling’s bins and cars. She taught all of us mini rebels to ‘see the person, not the football shirt’. You are a auld casual, in a protective itchy suit.
    Get away wae yae ya clown. Go and deal with rapist’s, murderers, tax cheats and housebreaking criminals. j’accuse ya Fannie.

  12. Okay not everyone’s cup of tea but for a policeman who is ment to be impartial because of his position just shows we fans have no chance wonder if he says the same about his teams broxi bears and all there bother


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