Top Scottish lawyer Aemer Anwar has tonight launched a scathing attack on Police Scotland after fans of The Rangers FC marched through the city centre singing a ‘racist anti-irish’ chant.

The song ‘the famine is over, why don’t you go home’ directed at Irish immigrants who set up their lives in Scotland and the descendant’s of those families has been a song happily belted out by large swathes of the Ibrox support.

Aemer points out that had this been directed at any other group, action would follow. However, in the West of Scotland, these chants don’t garner outrage and they certainly don’t garner any action from the police who didn’t bat an eyelid as they facilitated the march through the city centre.

It’s deplorable in this day and age people want to still sing these sorts of things and to be honest, the police protecting them are complicit in what should be a serious matter.

The Ibrox club promotes an ‘anyone, everyone‘ campaign. There are many of their fans who don’t agree with that PR friendly slogan.

The video is there for all to see, including the Ibrox club. Should we expect them to do anything about these morons? Yes! Will they do anything? Not a chance.

To disqualify these chants at Ibrox would alienate a lot of their core support.


  1. WHY?????
    Why are they allowed to do this they are no were near there stadium. They don’t do this every time they play so why are the police letting them do this. No wonder people have no faith in the police force they let them away with everything if this was Celtic fans it would be on the front page of every newspaper and every news channel in Scotland. I wonder how many papers this will be in tomorrow

  2. The police have gad a brilliant year with their joining in the celebrations at George Square, twice and then today’s first win over ‘the Irish’ this season.
    Anyone who thinks she police are not sectarian or not right-wing politically biased is living in cloud-cuckoo-land.

  3. Nothing will happen (as usual) Walking en-massse from the piggery via very busy roads-pavements, is not in its self illegal. Nor is singing any sea shanty.

    But when done together (unless swearing during singing/gestures deemed to be rude to the publics veiw ) not illegal either. As none of the words say who is to go back home. It was laughed off as some infant rough-housing. Those naughty royalty supporters strike again.

    The only way to keep them quiet is to go on a three points for every league game run, until March 2022.
    And see how much they sing in public then. And if Anger can make the Hoops team winners again.

  4. This is not a West of Scotland problem and I wish people would stop using that term. As a supporter and a delivery driver for 25 years all over the UK but mainly Scotland I’ve seen it everywhere. It’s a Scotland wide problem make no mistake about it.

    The Scottish government and the police are only paying lip service to the problem. As for the ibrox club well their ‘anyone everyone’ slogan is total bollocks as they’ve got a UDA man as their press officer that tells you all you need to know there. If you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem and nobody in authority including football itself is allowing this horrible, hateful club and support need to be reigned in.

    Any club or organisation that starts from a place of exclusion tells me that they should be avoided at all costs. These mutants are also in organisations like the orange order and the freemasons who also come from a place of exclusion and secrecy.

    We as Celtic supporters need to start telling Nicola Sturgeon and her government that they’ll lose our votes if they don’t start tackling this issue head on. If she wants independence then she’ll need our votes. I’m not saying all Celtic fans vote SNP, I’m not that naive, but a lot do as they want Scotland to make their own decisions and make our own way in the world and decide our own fate.

    The SFA and SPFL are corrupt to the core and are only out to help one club. The SMSM are worse fawning and pandering to the ibrox club while putting the boot into Celtic every chance they get. It’s a joke and if we don’t start stamping this out the conversation will be the same in 2121.

    • I totally agree with your view on voting SNP. The thing Sturgeon doesn’t understand is xhe us alienating the people who would vote for her. Rangers supporters tend to be unionists who are anti SNP

  5. An absolute disgrace well done Anwar for speaking out this is indeed Scotlands shame I shall be looking for action to be taken by our local Chief Inspector and our S N P politicians


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