Police Scotland have released a statement regarding he protests at Celtic Park on Sunday night.

An investigation has been opened into what went on after the Celtic vs Ross County game and how things escalated over time.

Disgruntled Celtic fans made their way to Celtic Park after the club was sent crashing out of the League Cup at home to the highlanders. It was off the back of a run poor performances and indicative of the season as a whole.

While most went up to peacefully protest for change, from videos we’ve seen, things became heated which led to players being escorted from the ground into their cars.

Police Scotland have reported two officers had minor injuries after the event.

Celtic put out their own statement saying they’ll be conducting their own investigation and now the police will look into the matter.

It’s regrettable it has come to this. Some in the media glorifying events today is not surprising.

The club is in a bad place at the moment and it’s up to our under fire board to sort things out.


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