It’s only three games into De Vries’s Celtic career and he’s conceded nine goals.

Two against Aberdeen and The Rangers, the other seven had the hands of an unstoppable Barcelona side who would not relent in their pursuit of goals.

In that respect the GK deserves somewhat of a pass for last night. Having seen him play at Nottingham however and watching him in his previous two games for Celtic, I used our facebook page yesterday to voice my concerns about Dorus.

I’m still in two minds whether I’m being unfair or not. I know Gordon has went off the boil but I feel somewhat safer when he’s in goals.

What is your opinion?



  1. gordon should be back in goal best of the two but his recent form has been terrible as well. if the younger keepers are’nt ready to step up BR has to look at getting someone better in january.

  2. De Vries is BR’s first major boob. The right back position has not been addressed and I think we are in for a torrid time and even more embarrassment. The defence has not been properly addressed for years.

  3. Craig Gordon without a doubt. Brendan you are definitely the Manager to take us forward but playing Gamboa from the start on his Debut against a Team like Barcelona I think was a big mistake. HH

  4. third choice: completely new keeper.
    until january, id go with james forrest ahead de vries, so gordon has to be back in on sunday.

    i turned the tv off at 5-0, but i definitely think ms doris could have done better for a few of them.
    they spoke of the power in messis forst, but its easier when the keeper sits down, or basically gets out of the way.
    gordon sat down for the gibraltar goal, and ms doris did the same a couple of times last night.

    • with due respect , gordon went down too soon for the red imps goal he flapped at the astana goal away , headed the home astana goal straight to their player , then against hapoel relised when a keeper catches a ball theres a reason he clutches it to his chest , but instead of saying i’ll learn from that he blamed Janko . And I haven’t even mentioned the amount of times he’s parried balls back into the danger area instead of away from goal, if he don’t understand this at his age , he’ll never learn it . That doesn’t make De Vries a good keeper but time will tell on that one , just give him a chance to settle. All good managers see something in players that we common fans don’t , Jock Stein had Tommy Callaghan .


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