The Scottish Sun sent a photographer down to Neil Lennon’s house on the day he exited the club to wait and grab pictures of the former Celtic manager.

In what was a bizarre move, the paper reported they snapped the Irishman out with his son, although to their credit, they didn’t publish any photos of the lad. If ever there was a time for the man to get some privacy.

Celtic fans have become irked with the club’s use of the media outlet. They have been getting fed information from the club for quite some time and they were the first to break the Neil Lennon exit story on Tuesday evening.

It speaks to a major disconnect between the club and the support. Never has it been more easier to interact and inform the Celtic support through their own official media channels.

Instead, the club and people close to the club use a media outlet who are happy to sit outside Neil Lennon’s home just to get a picture of him the day he cut ties with Celtic.


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