Portland Timbers haven’t blinked during their ilongated negotiation with Celtic over the transfer of Darlington Nagbe and they’ve now kicked the bhoys latest bid into touch. 

The midfielder, who was a guest at Celtic for the Barcelona game in November was hopeful of a deal that would take him to the Scottish Champions but after protracted talks with Timbers there has been a stalemate.

The initial fee is the big sticking point with Celtic coming in with a relatively low upfront price with plenty of addons should the player excel in the hoops. Portland on the other hand want to see more money upfront and rate him much higher than Celtic do at this point.

At the age of 26, Darlington isn’t seen as a typical Celtic signing where the club buy young and hope to benefit from a large transfer fee down the road. He is seen as a player for the here and now, with Portland wanting in excess of £3million it doesn’t look an attractive proposition for the club.

Things could still change but as of now we understand Celtic are looking at other options available to them.



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