ANGE POSTECOGLOU has had to defend his players during Wednesday’s press conference ahead of the Conference League match on Thursday.

Celtic find themselves in the third tier of European football because they finished third in the Europa League group stage, ahead of the side were two top teams from Germany and Spain.

During the group stage, Celtic was criticised for the number of goals they conceded. In the press conference, a journalist brought up this with the word ‘slack’ used, and Postecoglou was clearly unhappy in the description and defended his players. [Celtic TV]

“It’s not slackness [that concedes goals], that is painting a misrepresentation of our group. It’s not slackness that conceded goals against Bayer Leverkusen, it’s quality. There is a big difference.”

Celtic were up against better quality teams but conceded some cheap goals, especially against Bayer Leverkusen at home. The inability to take chances also came back to haunt Celtic. Referencing these mistakes, Postecoglou said;

These mistakes weren’t from slackness, they were from a difference in quality.

It is refreshing to see a manager come out and publically defend his players. Celtic have a tremendous defensive record domestically, and it’s the best in the league. The problem is exaggerated; Celtic’s defence is not the car crash it is made out to be.


  1. Eve y time Forrest@Johnston are given a start the momentum suffers,so these decisions are due to slackness from people who can’t see this .Sorry.


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