On Thursday evening, the image of both Celtic boss Ange Postecoglou and new Rangers manager Giovanni Van Bronckhorst found its way onto social media, with fans across Glasgow providing their thoughts behind the image.

Of course, as always, with situations such as this one, there wasn’t too much to explain. However, Postecoglou was made to do precisely that in his press conference ahead of this weekend’s cup final fixture against Hibs.

The former Socceroos boss explained, the meet-up between the two rival bosses was entirely coincidental with both simply bumping into one another whilst having breakfast, which led to this photo being snapped by an onlooker.

“Has it?” Postecoglou said when questioned around the picture creating ‘quite a stir’ as quoted by the Scotsman.

“Well, let me try and explain. Husband has morning off and goes for breakfast with his wife in his favourite establishment, bumps into colleague and has a chat. How’s that?!”

Ange probably thought he had seen it all when it came to media questions in Scotland, which has led to quite a few funny answers so far this season.

However, this would have been new territory for the 56-year old that is for sure.

In a city like Glasgow, it shouldn’t seem all that out there that these two men would bump into each other whilst out and about.

As usual, these things are made into something much bigger than they actually are on social media. However, Ange was quick to shut that down yesterday.



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