ANGE POSTECOGLOU has revealed he wasn’t the most willing to grab the megaphone when his side returned from Tannadice, claiming he wasn’t ‘coaxed’ into it.

The team had just won the league after drawing against Dundee United, and fans were gathering outside of the stadium to celebrate the league returning to Paradise.

It was an outstanding achievement that exceeded many fans’ expectations, and we have every right to celebrate being the best team in the country once again.

Speaking on Friday to CeltsAreHere, the Celtic manager opened up on Wednesday night’s events, saying;

“Apart from the megaphone, which I didn’t think was a good idea – I got coaxed into it.

“It was brilliant. Obviously, fantastic scenes at Tannadice.

“We got on the bus, and it’s a fair drive down to Glasgow from Dundee. I think we were all pretty exhausted, I was anyway, and we got word that there were a few people at Celtic Park.

“It was brilliant, we got the word there were a few people at Celtic Park. Once we got there, we realised it wasn’t a few people.

“It was great for the bhoys, I keep telling them the impact they have on the people who follow this football club.

“It was well beyond midnight, and there were thousands singing and setting off fireworks – that’s what this team has done for its people.”

Celtic fans are one of a kind. There aren’t many clubs in the world that would have thousands of players gathering well after midnight on a weeknight.

Postecoglou has been great; he got the fans on his side straight away, and they’ve never turned their back on the manager. On Saturday, he will receive a huge roar from 60,000 Celtic supporters as the team prepares to lift the trophy.


  1. Brilliant scenes!!!! But Somebody really must proof read these things before you post them. There’s umpteen mistakes.including a double paragraph. HH


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