24th April 2022; Victoria Park, Dingwall, Scotland, Scottish Premier league football, Ross County versus Celtic; Celtic Manager Angelos Postecoglou

ANGE POSTECOGLOU is looking forward to the Glasgow Derby on Sunday. Celtic are looking to stretch their gap at the top of the table. A win would all but confirm the Parkhead club as champions.

The Celtic manager knows what a win could mean and is looking forward to it.

Speaking during Friday’s press conference, the Celtic manager announced he was excited about the game and that he’s disappointed that there are only a few weeks left of the season. [Celtic TV]

“Looking forward to it. I mean, we know we’re kind of at the final stretch so to speak.

“And I was talking about it with the coaches this morning: we’ve literally got probably two weeks left and it’s all done, which is crazy.

“You’re in this mode of taking it a week at a time and ‘head down’ for quite a long time and then you realise that the next time I say ‘a week at a time’ that’ll be it.

“So, yeah, we’re looking forward to it. It’s a big game, it’s going to be an unbelievable atmosphere. It’s a game that you want to be involved in you know.

“If we’re successful it gives us a hell of a chance of finishing champions – all those kind of factors going into it. Yeah, looking forward to it.”

The season’s whizzed by. No Celtic over the summer months will feel weird. There isn’t even an international tournament taking place. However, the good news is that the League is starting earlier to accommodate the World Cup. The season’s first games will be on the last weekend in July.

It’s been a successful first season for Ange. Fans weren’t expecting any silverware at the start of the season, but the manager guided the team to the League Cup and a firm place in the league, really just three points away from winning it.

Sunday’s match is going to be great, especially if Celtic win. I think all fans share Ange’s emotions, looking forward to the match.


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