OLIVIER NTCHAM didn’t have one of his better games for Celtic but neither did a lot of the players.

However, everyone kept going until the end and thanks to Leigh Griffiths the bhoys came away with all three points.

Celtic made hard work of their Norweigan opponents, swaying the ball from side to side, backwards and then losing the ball in the final third.

It was a frustrating night for the fans, watching the players doing the same thing over and over again to no avail.

The one time Celtic went more direct, they scored!

Tweeting out to the Celtic fans this morning, Ntcham declared ‘Fight til the end’.

Celtic were poor and will have to improve when they head to Kilmarnock on Sunday.

Hopefully, that late goal has breathed new life into some of the Celtic players.

The bhoys must up their intensity if they are going to control games as they have in the past.

These Celtic fans  have replied to Ntcham’s message.


  1. Win as a team, lose as a team. But win at all costs. That’s what it say’s on the inside of the Hoops. Not play against pish teams for a year or two, spit your dummy, chip all your goinks oot yer pram. And ask for a move. The Hoops are for life. They’re a top body tattoo, not a wash aff dabbity.

  2. We need freshened up drastically as this boreing pish we are playing is really starting to annoy the ones that help pay wages at paradise. Brendan as much as I admire the man has got to put his toe up some arses in that dressing room and stop namby Pambying guys like lustig , Forrest, Sinclair and the SUPPOSED to be 9 million quid Edouard as the arrogance that guy shows on the park is absolutely shocking. When moussa left I thought we got rid of trouble but we have kept his twin . NOT GOOD ENOUGH . SIMPLE AS THAT


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