KIERAN TIERNEY has been sensational since breaking into the Celtic first team. The young left back has the world at his feet as he plays for his boyhood heroes BUT his ability and growing stature in the Scottish game is making him a target.

Some Celtic fans are of the opinion that Kieran is being targeted for ‘special treatment’ on matchdays by the opposition. Whether this is a premeditated attempt to try and nullify one of Celtic’s best players or a lesser known player trying to get noticed by clattering Kieran, there’s no doubt he’s been receiving extra attention.

You won’t see Kieran complaining, the player picks himself up, dusts himself off and gets on with the game.

He should probably take it as a compliment that opposition players feel the need to employ this tactic against him.


  1. Obviously there are some if not most opposition players being told to get into Keiran,Its there managers that are sounding him out for treatment!!!Its upto our players to dish it out,If Not it wont Stop.

  2. Some of those are the fouls you won’t hear Levein mention in his weekly therapy sessions with the smsm. Disgraceful refereeing on all counts with no action taken. Shades of Beerman on Paddy last season…

  3. It takes a compliant referee to allow it to happen. Unfortunately they’re all like that in the SPL ,not one of them with enough professionalism to protect our players as they should.


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