The Premier League throws around grotesque amounts of money on a regular basis with the price of watching football for home fans a particular problem. However, one thing they have got right is the cap on away day tickets to make sure football is accessible for travelling fans who are already forking out a lot of cash to travel.

The BBC reports the Premier League initiative which was started in 16/17 has now been extended to 2021-22. It prevents clubs from charging away fans more than £30 per ticket to visit their ground.

It’s something that should be looked at by the SPFL at this point. This is not a Celtic site having a go at other clubs in the league. We are calling on EVERY club including Celtic to look at ways of making football more accessible. Awayday caps would help get more bums on seats outwith Celtic and Ibrox fans on their away days. If the EPL has a £30 cap, why can’t the SPFL set theirs at £20?

Most clubs would shoot this down as they get bumper crowds when Celtic and Gers fans come to town regardless of the price. Outwith these supports, could it prompt more to get off their sofas and travel to see their team.

To put it into perspective, this weekend, Chelsea fans will pay £30 for a ticket to Anfield where some of the worlds best talent will be on show. Celtic fans will pay £32 per head for Easter Road. Celtic charge nearer £30 for some of their away tickets with a restricted view.

Should we not be encouraging supporters to come through the door?

The SPFL need to look at viable ways of getting more fans to come out and watch their team. Clubs have to do more, we have a good product.


  1. You don’t really ask too much. There should be a cap to stop away supporters bringing fireworks and such to ANY game. You want to stand out, then bang a drum, play a brass instument, sing football songs (Protest songs don’t count).

    Kids under twelve should get in for £2, twelve -sixteen £4.50. Disabled/Oap £6. Let us make it a more enjoyable atmosphere for all. And let everybody regale in a party, instead of a depressing inane group. Regardless of the victor.

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