STEVEN CAULKER revealed Brendan Rodgers wanted him at Celtic last season but he chose to stay in London with his support network at the time.

The Englishman is close to Brendan and both have spoken highly of each other in the media. Brendan Rodgers rates the defender and that’s why he was willing to take a chance on him last year.

However, due to his issues with alcohol, gambling and depression – at the time Caulker didn’t feel strong enough or ready to come to a club like Celtic.

“It came close. I decided in the end to stay in London. I was early on in my recovery and I felt my support network was best in London.

“I opted out of Scotland at that moment but I’m pleased to be up here now and it’s good to see Brendan doing really well there again.”

The player has now made a sensational move to Dundee now after his QPR release in a transfer that is exciting not for the Dees but for Scottish Football.

We reported yesterday that due to their friendship, Caulker would have looked for advice about the move up here from Brendan and I’m sure it was all positive.

It looks like Rodgers wants to keep a close eye on the player while at Dundee, with an 18-month deal in place, if he gets back on form then you may still see Steven in a Hoops jersey at a later date.


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