Most people who regularly read this site will know we’re not a massive fan of Sky Sports and the flippant way they have treated Scottish football over the years.

BT Sports coverage gave us an insight into how well our game could be covered and made many fans notice how bad the Sky product was. It looks like some of the criticisms have been addressed after Sky became the sole TV providers for the SPFL.

On Sunday, we had a panel of Martin O’Neill and John Hartson. For many, Martin’s contributions did not go unnoticed, many enjoying the tangents O’Neill went off on with regards to old stories from his time at Celtic. John Hartson had a worried look on his face as his old boss poked fun at him but it was all in good fun.

Hartson has said in the past the Celtic manager could be your best friend or just altogether blank you in and around training, depending on how you did on match day.

The coverage was very Celtic centric, which obviously appeals to our support, we’re not opposed to neutral contributions. Kris Boyd covering Celtic games is nauseating though, the former player finds it difficult to give Celtic much praise. Considering we’ve won 11 trophies on the trot, it’s quite the feat to constantly find criticism.

These Celtic fans were delighted with O’Neill’s contribution: