Gillingham boss and massive Celtic fan, Steve Evans believes Celtic would be box office if they delivered Frank Lampard as the next manager of the football club.

Evans was asked for his opinion on who he thinks should be the man to replace Neil Lennon on a permanent basis and he didn’t hesitate in his response.

“Frank Lampard would be my choice.” Evans told SunSport.

“He’d inspire the proper side of Glasgow. Celtic need to appoint the highest profile manager.

“Lampard would inspire by the way his teams are set up and also by the way he believes in young players which he demonstrated at Derby and Chelsea.

“Plus he could do it by his presence alone

“If Frank was announced as Celtic’s new boss, and supporters were allowed back in the stadium, there would be 60,000 fans welcoming him at Glasgow Airport.”

Our view:

I think Evans overestimates Frank Lampard’s status in Glasgow. While he’s a big name down south, he’s not a manager who has grabbed the attention of Celtic fans over the last few weeks.

There hasn’t been a clamour for the club to get Lampard and bring him in after his Chelsea stint.

The reasons Evans mentions are mostly about box office and presence. We need a coach who can coach! It’s all well and good having a big name in the hot seat, but if they don’t do the business, it counts for nothing.

Is Lampard a good enough coach to make Celtic players better. I lean towards, no, and that’s why we should be looking elsewhere.


  1. Gerrard is the box office at Sevco, but Ray Charles who is blind and also dead knows that it’s Beale who is the brains over there.


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