We have seen enough transfers announced on social media you come a bit numb to the execution of it.

‘We are delighted to announce [Insert Name]’ from the buying/loaning team.

‘Good Luck to [Insert Name] who has joined [Insert Club] on loan until the end of the season’ from, in this case, a team who has loaned the player out.

A link usually proceeds this, giving you a little more detail on the ins and outs of the deal on a club website.

However, PSG took the unusual step of announcing the specifics of the deal on the actual tweet which we found a little strange.

Compare and contrast Weah’s announcement to Edouard’s when he was initially loaned out to the club.

The emphasis was most certainly on the vital aspect from their point of view which states ‘no option to buy’. It’s almost as if they were trying to stop their fans from moaning on their social media page about the prospect of letting such a talent go out on-loan in the first place. No room for a link either when there was a story put up on their site about the move.

Many speculated the deal would be 18-months after the striker signed a new contract to keep him at PSG until 2021 but only an initial loan period until the end of the season has been agreed.

Surely there’s wiggle room if both parties want longer.



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