CHARLIE NICHOLAS has come out and implored Celtic’s majority shareholder, Dermot Desmond, to come out and speak to the fans about his ambitions for the club.

The former Sky pundit believes the fans shouldn’t be kept in the dark any longer after this horror show of a season and Dermot should be the man to come in and let every supporter know what’s going on and where he sees the club heading.

There has been very little communication from the man in charge, the last thing we did read from Desmond was thanking Neil Lennon for his service to the club on the way out.

A lot of fans won’t hear anything Nicholas has to say because of his history of running the club down – especially during the recent era of utter dominance.

Right now, he’s speaking from a place where most of the supporters would likely agree, even if they wouldn’t admit it outwardly.

Writing in his Express column as cited by RecordSport, Charlie wants Desmond to step up or step aside.

“Celtic fans need to see and hear if Dermot Desmond still has the hunger and desire to take the club forward.

“Neil Lennon has left and Peter Lawwell is leaving, so Desmond’s voice is the only one that matters now.

“Dominic McKay is an accountant and when he comes in from Scottish Rugby to replace Lawwell as chief executive it will be to balance the books.

“McKay won’t have the same power as his predecessor when it comes to transfers, influencing club strategy and controlling the spending.

“There are strong rumours that a technical director will come in. That is also well and good but until we hear from the man at the top it doesn’t really matter what anyone says or thinks.

“Hoops supporters need to see that Desmond has a plan and the passion to keep taking the club forward.

“The Irish tycoon might officially be a non-executive director but everybody knows he is the voice and the decision maker at Parkhead.

“Desmond once had a go at me because I accused him of treating the club like a toy.

“Now it is time for him to stand up. Not to me or the media, but to the heartbeat of the club – the fans – to tell them how Celtic is going to move forward from this season

“They need to get a structure back in the club and get the hardcore of the support back on track.

“If Desmond has lost interest then the possibility of a new purchaser coming in would concern a lot of fans.

“They only have to look at what happened across the city when they were taken over by so many wrongdoers.

“Celtic aren’t in freefall, but they are not in as good a financial position as they have been in previous years.

“The appointment of the next manager could be a real indication of the level of Desmond’s ambition.”


  1. Dermo, is keeping his cards close to his chest. And is sitting on his bank chest of precious metal.
    Whether he decides to splash some cash on CFCPLC or a new Arab stallion.
    Is his business, not the fans.
    His hards remain in pockets, until required.


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