MARK WILSON has called on the Celtic board to announce the new manager if it is indeed Eddie Howe.

Wilson and Celtic fans can’t fathom why the announcement is yet to be made.

There could be things pundits and supporters aren’t privy to that’s holding up the announcement – but we’re getting nothing at all from the club with no indication when it will come.

Speaking to RecordSport, Mark Wilson believes if the man is Eddie Howe then the announcement must come pretty quickly: “If it is going to be Eddie Howe, why is he not being paraded today?

“You would think they would start to move things along now. I understand they were maybe holding back with the Scottish Cup final and the game against Rangers and maybe any new manager didn’t want to be a part of what had gone on before.

“But it’s gone now, the season is over. If they are waiting, what are they waiting for? And that is what is on the Celtic fans’ minds.”

Celtic were soundly beaten by their Glasgow rivals on Sunday and the fans are looking for the club to give them some hope and optimism for next season.

Not to mention the season ticket renewals are now behind schedule and the club need to come cap in hand with their pitch for next term.

If their pitch is ‘trust us’ without showing us what’s next, they will struggle to punt season tickets straight off the bat.

After a season of ignoring the Celtic fans and telling us they know best, the supporters are not going to give any board member or the outgoing Peter Lawwell the benefit of the doubt.


  1. The new manager whoever he is won’t have a magic wand to put things right overnight, he is going to have to build a brand new team which is going to take time, so another season or two of misery is on the cards. The rebuilding should have begun years ago.


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