Former Celtic player and pundit Davie Provan has reiterated his displeasure at nobody in the Celtic board being held accountable for last season’s debacle.

Provan has been consistent in his criticism of the Celtic board over recent years and has regularly knocked heads with Peter Lawwell.

Speaking briefly about Celtic’s situation at boardroom level, Provan can’t believe some of the members who resided over last eason have been allowed to continue unicumbered.

‘Neil Lennon carried the can, but the board blew it.’ Provan told Go Radio.

‘All the guys in the board room who blew it still seem to be there – no one has been held accountable’

“There’s a culture in the Celtic boardroom, they want to spend the bare minimum.

It’s been a huge sticking point for fans over the past two years.

There has been a lot of push back against this board and the general consesus is they are interested more by a balance sheet than making Celtic competitive in Europe.

We dropped the ball when we didn’t push on while dominating the SPFL. The board were happy cleaning up domesticlaly while not pushing the boat out to become a real top side in European competition. Had we done so, the SPFL and ten in a row would’ve taken care of itself.

Instead, we imploded and the peopel residing over it are still in charge.


  1. There shouldn’t be a single body from that board left at our club including Dermot Desmond. I’m sick to death of the lack of preparation we have going into Champions League qualifiers we always try to get there on the cheap before investing in players, instead of buying the players to ensure we get there. Next season whoever wins the league is straight into the group stages and Ange needs backing in January. Will he get it? I’d like to think so as it’s so lucrative for the club who does win the league. Even if sevco do win the league I don’t think £40 million will save them from going to the wall again and if we win the league I think they’re getting liquidated again. So here’s hoping we hammer a final nail in their coffin for a second time.


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