ALAN ROUGH resembled an old man shouting at the clouds when it came to his opinions on Ange Postecoglou this week.

The PLZ pundit can’t quite fathom why the Celtic fans have got on board with Ange. Until the Livingston game, Celtic fans felt the progress we were making was worth sticking with the Celtic gaffer.

There have been a few dissenting voices since the poor performance at the Tony Macaroni, but overall, most level headed fans see things for what they are and know Ange is not even half way through a monumental rebuild.

Signs of life have the Celtic supporters optimistic but given the disruption this summer, the turnover in players and then the injuries suffered in the early going, it’s not been ideal.

Even if the manager had a full complement of players to choose from since coming in, there was always going to be a tough learning curve.

Cited by Glasgow World, Rough can’t quite fathom the support Ange has been given “I think he’s very fortunate. I don’t know what he’s done to get a lot of the support.

“They’ve all bought into it. It is going to take time but it’s ok saying that – if you continually lose games, people lose confidence and winning games stops that.

“He really has to get his act together. They’re still not a settled side, they’re still not a settled back four or midfield”

The former footballer continues by blasting Ange for not having a settled squad, completely ignoring the injuries and call-offs that have plagued his time in charge so far:

“You don’t know who’s playing upfront, you don’t know who’s playing out wide.

“At this stage of the season, you should know eleven or thirteen players who are going to be in your first team.

“They’re the ones that should be playing week in week out and that is not the case and that’s why you’re not getting any consistency.”

Of course, the manager will need to improve on results, but there’s short term pain for long term gain at the moment. We mustn’t forget the state the club was in half way through last season and the job needed to bring the standards back up.

Going on during a backdrop of upheaval with chief execs and structure change.

Give it a rest, Alan.


  1. I will help Mr Rough out here.
    Ange has our support because he is honest and transparent and accepts responsibility. Ver few in Scottish football are capable of the. Certainly not you pundits or the weaklings at the SFA and those running most of the clubs.


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