The atmosphere at Celtic Park has come under scrutiny following the Green Brigade lockout, with former Hibernian striker Tam McManus describing the ambience as ‘crap’ during Celtic’s recent 4-1 victory over Hibs.

Celtic Park
Soccer Football – Scottish Premiership – Celtic v Rangers – Celtic Park, Glasgow, Scotland, Britain – April 8, 2023 General view of Celtic fans REUTERS/Russell Cheyne

The Green Brigade has been banned from both home and away matches since November due to “repeated incidents of unacceptable conduct”, and there is no sign when their ban will be lifted.

About 250 supporters are currently locked out of Parkhead.

The impact of the Green Brigade’s absence was notably felt in the stands, with McManus pointing out the stark contrast in the atmosphere. Despite Celtic’s impressive performance on the field, maintaining their lead in the league, the usual vibrant and noisy support from the terraces was significantly muted.

Taking to X, formally Twitter, the PLZ pundit said:

“Atmosphere at Celtic Park crap only fans i could hear were small band of Hibs fans in corner.”

And it isn’t just McManus of that opinion, many fans who were at the game on Wednesday night are also saying the same.

BHOYS Celtic, who could’ve helped lift the atmosphere, are showing solidarity with the Green Brigade, and are not showing up to matches, leaving their section empty.


  1. The atmosphere is dreadful. I was going to start taking my grandsons to games but not a chance til the place has some buzz about it. Hope all the GB haters are happy, they are definitely silent.

    • I dont want pyrotechnics at games.
      I dont want banners supporting the rape and murder of 1400 people
      I dont want banners and flags supporting Islamic terrorists
      I dont want the shame, embarrassment and constant fines the GB cretins bring
      So, aye, I’m happy.
      Celtic had one of the best atmospheres well before these morons appeared. It may take a bit for fans to get back to that but I’d much rather that than have those self-important idiots anywhere near the stadium

  2. Its a real treat not having to listen to IRA crap for 90 minutes along with a half-wit swearing into a megaphone for good measure.
    Not to mention the boring and pathetic ever-present pyros.
    No one has ever managed to explain how Joe Hart, Kyogo, AJ, CCV etc are inspired by that.
    Eventually the ground will find its voice. Celtic did actually exist before the GB y’know.


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