GIORGOS GIAKOUMAKIS has had his toughest week yet as a Celtic player after missing the penalty that would have moved Celtic to the top of the table. Celtic fans have made their opinions on the penalty that was held by the Polish keeper Max Strijek extremely clear, it was simply an awful penalty.

However, John Hartson has stuck up for the striker on the Go Radio Football Show and claims that the criticism directed towards Giakoumakis is undeserved while reminding fans he wasn’t the only payer capable of securing three points for the hoops.

His teammates on the park helped add to the shot tally which sat at 16 when the game concluded, only 2 of these were on target.

In defence of Giorgos Giakoumakis Hartson said;

“What I would say is Celtic had 11 or 12 players, including the substitutions, who played during the 90 minutes for Celtic.

“They had 16 efforts on goal, and two on target, and those 11 or 12 players had the opportunity to win the game.

“They couldn’t win the game, so you can’t just lay the blame on Giakoumakis.

“Some of the things that I was seeing, like ‘hang your head in shame’ and all this, I could name four players right now who missed big penalties.

He then reminded fans that greats had missed penalties;

“Players have lost World Cups. I missed a penalty in a cup final, Chris Sutton missed a penalty in a cup final, Alan Thompson, the great Henrik Larsson missed penalties.

“What made it more difficult is it was the last second and it was a good opportunity to keep building momentum.

“It’s a great opportunity, but you can’t just lay the blame on Giakoumakis because Celtic had 90 minutes to win that game of football.”

Giakoumakis is still a new player at Celtic who is still to fully settle into Scottish football and he should not let the penalty miss hamper his confidence.


  1. Sorry BBJ, from what I can gather He basically rolled the ball gently towards the goal before the keeper even twitched, the worst penalty seen in any level of football, the miss is bad enough but the guy was absolutely pants all day and our decision makers allowed him to take the 1st real chance of the crappy 90 minutes, how the bench didnt see this was an accident waiting to happen I.ll never know , there was time for Angie to tell calmac rescind the decision for the big guy to take any unlikely penalty ? Hoopy the hound would’ve done a better job, plus juranovic ignored after scoring two penalties recently, clusterfk I.m afraid


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