CELTIC FANS have become numb to the sort of sycophantic articles at the start of pre-season and even during the January break which lets people in and around Ibrox puff out their chest in a manner never befitting their status.

They are world beaters when a ball hasn’t been kicked, it’s quite astonishing.

Celtic have won nine trophies on the bounce and if you look at the crapfest of what was a lot of our season last term, between away form, injuries and our manager leaving; the pre-season champs should have strolled the league given we were told in January Jermain Defoe signing had struck fear into the heart of every Celtic fan and the game was a bogey!

This morning, we’ve been treated to an article in the Daily Record quoting Ibrox fan and pundit Andy Gray who has told people Steven Gerrard is convinced he’s going to win the title this coming season.

Andy believes the Ibrox club are in it to win it and should have probably one the title last season.

“But there is definitely a title push to come. When you think, had Rangers beaten the teams they should have beaten last season – and didn’t drop so many stupid points – then they probably would have won the title this year.”

The arrogance and ignorance of this quote is a work of art in many ways.

Sorry, Andy, are the Ibrox club the only team last season who didn’t lose stupid points, are the Ibrox club the only one who can improve on last season?

Again and again, we hear statements like this, but apparently, when it comes to improving, it’s only the Ibrox club who can do that.

Celtic lost so many away points last season needlessly, they will be hungry to give a better showing and Neil Lennon wants to make sure they can go to the tough grounds and get the results they want.

Once balls start to be kicked, they all often pipe down.


  1. Another idiot attempting to make a case for them to challenge for the title and although they are likely to be more of a team this season its CFC who are in charge up here and expect them to add some quality to the side and do it all again…

  2. They are much stronger now SG and GM have said they want the title this season,we need four or five new players as soon as,lets not stand still and get a red faces for not buying in the players we need that will stop SG and his cheap and free team players winning the title everyone in football world wide would LOL if a team of cheap and free players can win the Scottish title….

    Celtic put the money down and bring those players in..


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