CELTIC are still in the midst of a major rebuild – something that’s had to be done due to our custodians being asleep at the wheel for a very long time.

While Celtic look to keep in touch at the top of the table, they’re not getting any closer to their Glasgow rivals at the moment.

After a day when the hoops won all three points at Aberdeen, it wasn’t until an SPFL official sent off a Hibernian player at Ibrox before they came into the game.

The decision to send off Ryan Porteous in the first half of the top of the table clash has major implications for Celtic and as one pundit points out, it was a shocking decision.

The Ibrox luck truly optimise the saying ‘if you can’t be good, be lucky’ and they seem to get little nudge in the right direction when things are going wrong.

Celtic not only have to play above themselves but they also must find a way to catch their rivals – not easy to do after days like today.


  1. Nothing to do with lucky or them being lucky, call it for what it is, cheating, corruption, that’s what it is, never fails when sevco are struggling or under pressure, officials bail them out with dubious penalties or red cards. The cheating and corruption has never been more blatant than it is now, they don’t even try to hide their bias, nothing will ever be done to eradicate it !

  2. Just when you think it can’t get any worse… just wait for VAR… If they are this blatant when thousands are watching imagine how blatant it will be with some guy in a studio ignoring certain incidents.

  3. Maddens game today was outrageous and should be signals by the Club. It’s no good complaining when we lose, we must make an official complaint when we win, even if it’s by four or five.
    Dons players were literally swooning like Southern Belles at the sight of a slaves bare butt and getting a free kick and they knew it and took full advantage, as you would!
    Shadow CEO Heated Driveway Inc will say nix as per, because we all know both the hun and the SFA have something on him, the five way agreement and God only knows what else!

    Considering what occurred with the hun game today, brace yourself, St Stephen of Lourdes treble coming your way soon, curtisy of Celtic PLC!

  4. This is cheating and corruption, no less. Walsh made a horrific and corresponds decision today. As McManus said, there was no contact. It was a clean tackle.

    Don’t expect our club to say anything either as this is partly down to our board who are complicit with the duopoly model to keep the so-called big 2 in the ascendency.

    I love Celtic but I detest our complicit board.

    However, the refs know that they can get away with this. If Hibs put in an appeal, the red can be rescinded, but the decision cannot be reversed and the required effect has been achieved, ie., the game and result have already been influenced. This is the CORRUPTION part. It happens time and time again.

    Honest mistakes? We know the truth.

  5. The sooner we get VAR the better! I’m not saying it will solve everything but even if it cuts down a small percentage of the disgraceful decisions that go the way of that club it’s a start!


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