CHARLIE NICHOLAS believes there’s no agenda against Celtic or for their Glasgow rivals.

The former Celtic player revealed even though he felt during his time at the club some refs seemed suspect, the only reason people think the Ibrox club get the decisions is because they’re winning.

Agent Scotland looked through the stats and discovered a quite incredible anomaly when it comes to goals scored by the Ibrox club.

He did correct himself in the stat above when he realised it was 21 goals instead of 19.

Despite some bizarre decisions for our rivals and some of the officiating at Celtic Park – Nicholas doesn’t believe there’s a bias – conscious or unconscious.

“I don’t believe for a minute these refereeing conspiracies. Nicholas told the Scottish Daily express as cited by RecordSport.

“I hear a lot of people say Rangers get everything just now.They get the decisions because they are winning just now. It is the same when Celtic are winning.

“That is always the way it is and has been for the two Glasgow giants.

“The rest of our clubs are playing catch up and that is where could be a big benefit to them and officials.

“It won’t help the conspiracy theories because it will be the VAR officials who will then be hit with the accusations.

“If we want to move our league forward then we need to bring in the likes of VAR technology.

“It would also make very good television drama as well and adds to the spectacle.

“I was in favour of VAR in my final year at Sky Sports.

“I think Scotland must take it because when there are big games then you get big issues and you will get all these conspiracy theories.”

He added: “We’ve had some terrible days. I remember doing the game when Hugh Dallas got hit by the coins.That was a dark, dark day for Scottish football. I have played for Celtic and against Rangers and Celtic. I have seen both sides when it comes to referees.

“I remember the Hope brothers, Kenny and Dougie.

“We all knew they were Rangers fans but they were also pretty good referees.You could have a conversation with them and you could wind each other up.

“I also remember the Celtic manager Billy McNeill had a ding-dong with Andrew Waddell. We, at Celtic, always felt he had an agenda against us after that as Billy had challenged him during a game.

“When I went To Aberdeen I felt due to the lack of the crowd you never really got the big decisions.

“It was the big crowds who put the referees on edge. Did they miss something and it puts pressure on them?”

I’d be surprised if Nicholas takes in as many SPFL game as the average Celtic fan. The pundit’s columns at times have shown a complete lack of knowledge on what’s going on in Scotland.

Despite playing for the club, Nicholas has a frosty relationship with many of the support because of his outspoken views on his former employers.


  1. Charlie nae socks talks one load of pish says anything for the blue pound he’s just a dirty rat now i hate that fucking zombie licking scumbag.

  2. Who cares what Charlie Knickerless spews.He is Just a Media Whore who craves attention and by saying there is no conspiracy.Shows He has No Clue or is in Fact a Closet Sevconian Sympathiser.He is an embarrassment to Everything Celtic

  3. Charlie send me a lorry load of that manure you talk, my vegetable plot is crying out for it. On the survey of referees from “lodge 1872/2012” , these same guys will be officiating on VAR!!! are Beaton, Madden, Walsh and co; going to overturn honest mistakes at “Temple Ibroacks” ?? dream on.

  4. Nicholas is an idiot he knows nothing about our game, sevco haven’t had a man sent off domestically for 2 years but 4 have been sent in Europe this season already. Then there’s the non penalty awarded against Aberdeen what Beaton saw God only knows. There’s guys in the space station could clearly see it was never a penalty. Nicholas is trying to make himself relevant again now he’s lost his meal ticket gig at Sky, he’s as thick two short planks and he should go talk about his real love, Arsenal. How anyone could take this braindead buffoon seriously is beyond belief, the next time he says anything worthwhile will be the first time, so don’t hold your breath because it isn’t happening.

  5. So Charlie does not think there is anything in the accusations yet is able to name 4 different referees who were suspicious. And McCluskey nicked for singing sectarian songs at Stewarton train station after the Orange walk, Bobby Tait who requested his last game be at Ibrox and joined the after dinner speaking circuit boasting about his helping hand to therangers. Or the Church of Scotland minister who used to play ‘simply the best’ to his congregation (Kenny ?). Then there is Bellshill loyal Beaton. Not even bothering to hide it. And who could forget RH Davidson of Airdrie, if you are from an earlier generation. Yeah, its all paranoia?

    • Spot on John,but you forgot the godfather of recent decades,Mr “lock up yer kiddies folks the popes in town” email sent out to members under his stewardship during the pontiffs last visit to Scotland.Rember Dallas first act virtually 20seconds after having final stitch put into head wound in title decider at Celtic Park in 1999 was to award Rangers more than dubious penalty kick.This is where I have my doubts regarding how effective VAR will prove to be?Only last week we had Dallas talking on PLZ soccer show telling us that not all decisions will be checked and indeed he used the penalty award to therangers against Aberdeen would not even be looked at WTF and his reasoning get this because TV pictures inconclusive there could have been a sort tug or there could have been NO shirt tug?Because ref gave a decision VAR would not even look at it?????WTF WTF WTF

  6. Most of the refs from CN’s time are probably passed on by now. CN is so out of touch with reality it’s embarrassing. He is only interested in the money. Now away CN and polish boots at Arsenal, ya cretin!


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