CHARLIE NICHOLAS has recognised he has alienated huge swathes of the Celtic support with the way he’s attacked the club over the years.

The former Celtic and Arsenal striker who was let go by Sky Sports recently is now working on an express column where he gives his views on the Hoops on a weekly basis.

We’ve been covering Celtic for years and regularly take Charlie to task for some of his absurd comments. Some of the things he’s come out with over the years, especially about players when we were winning a lot of trophies was shocking.

We know negative takes sell and garner the most attention but Charlie has most likely done irreparable damage to his reputation among the Celtic support.

Nicholas acknowledged the hassle he gets from ‘elements’ of the support because of his views:

“I get a lot of hassle from different elements of the Celtic support who take a different view to me.” Nicholas wrote in his Express column as cited by RecordSport.

“I take it and I know some of the fans take things personally because they think I go over the top about our club sometimes.

“I can accept where some of the criticism comes towards me and I get it, I do. I am first to admit that I don’t always get it right”

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but when it comes across as purposely antagonistic to garner attention, people quickly become disenchanted. Perhaps Charlie should rethink his strategy.


  1. Try praising Celtic when it’s due Charlie,be a bit harsher on the deluded and skint club South of the river and you will find that people won’t think that you talk garbage most of the time….


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