BBC pundit and former Celtic defender Steven Pressley has urged Eddie Howe to hold off until the summer before taking the reigns at Parkhead.

As quoted by the Daily Record speaking on BBC Sportsound, Pressley insisted that Howe should wait until the end of the season, before taking charge if he is announced as the new manager of the club in order to start with a fresh slate.

“Firstly, what do Celtic want? Do they want him to come in now if they agree a deal in principle, or do they want him to come in the summer?

“I think from Eddie’s perspective, it depends what type of manager he is. Make no mistake, when you go into Celtic you are going to be judged from day one, and how big an impact can you have on that squad in a short space of time?

“At least if he comes in fresh in the summer he gets a chance to work with the players that he’s going to be working with moving forwards.

“He’s able to start building the culture, the style of play, all the aspects of his management in a period of relatively unpressured games, and then he starts the season, in my opinion, in a much better place. That for me is the correct process and makes perfect sense.”

With the reports of Howe getting stronger and a deal reportedly almost in place, it is starting to look like the Englishman will be the next permanent manager of the club bar any last-minute changes of heart.

In my opinion, you can see Pressley’s point and I would agree with it too. It may be better to have Howe working behind the scenes in some capacity, judging the squad and the players for next season.

Don’t get me wrong, putting him in charge ahead of two Glasgow Derbies could prove to be a positive thing if we were to come out on top. If not though, it might have the exact opposite effect.


  1. Can’t stop the rot that quickly, maybe come in before the summer break.
    To give How and co a chance to see what he will be working with. And who gets the boot and who is sold/needed to come in later, come the qualifying stages.


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