Pundit Urges Incoming CEO to Make First Moves

Pundit Michael Stewart has urged incoming CEO Dominic McKay that he may have to release his plans for a supposed summer overhaul sooner rather than later.

As quoted by the Daily Record, speaking on BBC Sportsound with season tickets being just around the corner, Stewart has insisted that the man coming in to replace Peter Lawwell must release his plan soon to give fans a reason to sign up once again after what has been an incredibly poor season for the club.

“There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the club.

“It’s quite obvious they are going to have to be making substantial plans for change over the summer, with the work happening behind the scenes, but fairly soon there has to be some sort of statement or presentation of what the intention is going to be moving forward.

“Now whether that’s Dominic McKay who is coming in to sell his vision [and] to make sure the fans and everyone who are connected with Celtic has an understanding of what is going on, because the season that has unfolded has been shambolic, really.

Clearly, there is going to be change because Peter Lawwell is moving on. There is a number of players, either loanees or guys that are going to be sold, or others that maybe want to move on as well. So there is going to be a big turnover.

“Then potentially the manager as well. Fairly soon somebody needs to talk about what the club is going to be looking like next season.”

As much as the club can rely on the faith of supporters when it comes to renewing season tickets for another year, this year feels like they could have a fight on their hands for some.

After such a poor season some want to see what changes will be made to take the club forward. Add to that the uncertainty and prospect of fans having to watch home games from inside their own homes rather than in the ground could be a prospect that some people simply can’t afford to do at the minute which is completely understandable.

From statements that have been released in recent weeks and months, there really hasn’t been much mention of where the club will be going forward. Now is a crucial time to release plans of this in an attempt to get fans back on board in some sort of way.


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