Radio personality and veteran Scottish football pundit, Hugh Keevins, has bizarrely attacked Celtic fans in an unprovoked column that was supposed to be about the other side of Glasgow.

Keevins not only brands Celtic fans paranoid, he attacks the support for their banner denouncing Bernard Higgins as a potential candidate for a job at Celtic.

Writing for RecordSport, Keevins wanted to talk about the Ibrox club, but not before he got his digs in at Celtic:

‘The 24-hour surveillance unit within the Celtic support will tell you Ange Postecoglou is scrutinised more intensely than his counterpart at Ibrox.

‘It’s all paranoid nonsense, of course, knee-jerk mumbo-jumbo like last weekend’s banner inside the ground denouncing the “evil eyes” of the man soon to become Celtic ’s security adviser.

‘What are they putting inside the Bovril in the kiosks at Celtic Park?’

It’s so dense and ignorant to brand the protest banner last week as ‘paranoid nonsense’.

Keevins has likely not even looked into why the Celtic supporters feel so strongly about Bernard Higgins taking a wage from our club.

The now scrapped offensive behaviour act caused misery to lots of innocent Celtic fans and Higgins was there to gleefully implement the harassment of the support during that period.

It’s regrettable the club have even interviewed Higgins for a security role.

Hugh has been around the block for a long time, he’s jaded and ignorant to any sort of protest from Celtic or their fans. If the Celtic fans have a beef, of course, we’re all paranoid and never have a point.

Keevins seemingly has disdain for swathes of the Celtic support and it spews out in columns like the one quoted above.

What are they putting in the werthers originals at Clyde one?


  1. Keevins absolute Arrogant prick has kept his job and position on Radio Hun by continually having an ad gender against celtic fans remember broken crest proved wrong please don’t give him the time of day

  2. this is a guy who has passed his best (and that was rubbish)
    he is just a cantankerous old deluded man the best way to treat him is not to rise to his bile JUST IGNORE his comments

  3. There is only one way for anyone from a Celtic persuasion to last as long as Keevins on the sports desk of any national paper or broadcaster in Scotland, and that’s to be continually negative about most things Celtic and positive about most things down Ibrox way. Keevins has fiiled this role dutifully for all of his career.

  4. This supercilious old fool, who reads dictionaries in his spare time, has made his living writing and promoting that sectarian bigotry comes from both sides of the river. He’s not stupid, just a narcissistic who should not be read, entertained or listened to by any self respecting celt.

  5. No one has taken him seriously since he claimed the Portuguese fella was taking over at Celtic the day Martin O’Neill was appointed.That is over 20 years ago. Hats off to him though he has kept a job for 20 years despite being absolute garbage at his job. The dearth of talent in Scottish journalism. Now the office junior does the work. Take press release from Ibrox put journalists name on it plus ‘Exclusive’ off to the boozer. Job done. Pathetic. Laughed at in many countries due to them inventing ‘succulent lamb’ reporting.


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