A PUNTER has lost 15k in the bookies after the Daily Record brought it to our attention before the game the wage had been made.

We suggest the gambler will be greetin’ into his smart price cornflakes for some time after TEN men Celtic beat The Rangers 3-2.

Celtic are now nine points ahead of the Ibrox side with a game in hand – now that’s priceless.

Our advice to the punter. Don’t bet against Celtic at Ibrox!


  1. He should have given the money to the Holy Childhood, he’d at least have some nice pictures of those fellow human beings he’d be helping…….

  2. Hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha you think I care about some stupid hun who lost £15,000 not a chance
    And as for the other muppet who smashed his TV hahaha hahaha GIRFUY stupid stupid huns don’t listen to silly Billy’s who spout pish
    Hail Hail

  3. Fools & their money are soon parted.
    If you’ve got the slightest inclination about gambling the 1st rule is,
    bet wi your head no your heart.
    anyway fukm fekin idiot,
    hail hail.

  4. It was obvious to everyone today what Douglas Ross is and what the Tory Party, SFA and Sevco are.
    They are so transparent in their actions, but especially so today in their utter desperation. Caught on camera and part of the growing library of honest errors and permitted thuggery.
    As for the clown who lost his money – well, you are a clown.


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