There was a ‘Null and Void’ article in the Record a month or so back telling us that BET365 were not going to pay out on a Celtic title win if the league was called early.

The headline was surrounding BET 365 Null and Voiding Celtic’s title by not paying out – a headline made to get a reaction and which had many rival flans flocking to it. The narrative that if a bookie wasn’t paying out on it, somehow the league title wouldn’t count.

Fast-forward to today, Celtic are now nine in a row champions. There was a unanimous vote between the clubs that the rest of the games couldn’t be played and the SPFL made the announcement.

Celtic were crowned champions, and rightly so.

So, after the null and void headline comment was made – did the bookie’s payout on a Celtic title win or not?

Here’s a list of the sites we’ve checked:

  • Ladbrokes ✅

  • Paddy Power ✅

  • William Hill ✅

  • Bet Fair ✅

  • Bet 365 ✅

  • Coral ✅

  • Sky Bet – Not Declared position

  • McBookie – Not declared but has paid out on Scottish Lower Leagues

So, it seems as if it was a load of bluster in the end.

To be honest, Celtic shouldn’t need any other validation than the league table. They did their job and excelled this season – credit to them.


  1. If sevco players had not burned themselves out in Dubai with prostitutes then they may have done better on the playing field! They may just have scored more goals, than they did in Dubai. And there seems to have been quite a few scorers over there!!! So Celtic did their homework , and and played fairly, and not away from home, and it worked a treat. Thirteen points clear AND 25 goals, which means that we would have to have lost 5 games from the last 8.!! So sevco the moral of the story is, do not score away from home when your wives are at home!!! Hail Hail, and onwards to ten n a row!!


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