The implosion to Celtic’s victory and the subsequent pocketing of half the Gers team by Scott Brown has been sensational, but what if we told you, it gets even better!

You’re sceptical right?!

The scenes of absolute rage, finger pointing, elbow swinging, face pushing and shirt ripping was all part of a day Celtic fans will continue to remember for some time to come but they never fail to give us an even bigger laugh when you think you’ve had your fill.

Enter ‘The Gers TV’ outside the Bristol Bar!

Resident Twitter Celtic video slicer TamSellicsSon served up an absolute belter of a clip in the aftermath of the bhoys derby win yesterday. While he edits to suit, he does stress there are no dubbed voices, no trickery, just pure unadulterated spewing.

I’m proud of ‘ma sellick’ if that matters to anyone? Nah? Sure?

Scott Brown has them on the hook and they’re trapped.


  1. They reckon Broonzilla is a tit. And these guys (Orcs) are outside a hostelry called ‘the BRISTOL bar’ in sunny Duke street G31. Who a bunch of Tits now. Go and breastfeed a creche.

  2. Anyone but anyone who witnessed this short clip from near and far must still have tears in their eyes rolling about the floor and slapping their thighs with laughter trying to make out what the f’ck those from the Bristol “Elecution” Bor, Nice of them to mention our team captain supreme Scott (Broooony) Brown, They have clearly advised that they require a “Midfield Hardman” Their (EBT) “Farry Berguson” Has applied while being a “VIP” at the 5☆ BB HQ.

  3. I came across this when I got home after the game yesterday. I honestly thought these guys were actors/comedians pulling a April fool prank I guess not. anyway they should all maybe generally think about going in to that line of work. I was pissing my thrillies.
    now I know they were actually being serious it’s even funnier. what a complete embarrassment

  4. Sad bastards, after years of level 5 shit the spout it ,can they really not see the big picture, ma Celtic is no one in hunland able to admit that they were suckered ,and walked into it hook line and sinker .you should have been out of the game in the first half .that’s our fault for not destroying an inferior team, whinge, squeal ,take another fisting with a bit of dignity. No surrender 🤡wee are the people 🐷 ect ect 13 points total domination. Eat shite hun.


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