Ange Postecoglou came in this summer and immediately set about repairing the damage done at Celtic by his predecessor.

The Australian hot footed it from Japan when Celtic put in the call and without hesitation, arrived in Glasgow with his sleeves already rolled up.

The improvement on the pitch already is there for all to see.

However, the leader we have found in Ange is something that’s taken us all by surprise.

Not only is he overseeing the Celtic rebuild, he continues to delight Celtic fans with his open and honest policy. Ange continually shows class in the words he uses as an ambassador for our club and the Celtic fans can’t help but be impressed.

The Celtic gaffer is not your typical football manager and doesn’t really buy into cliches.

He speaks from the heart and his competitive spirit shines through. He comes across as man people will want to play under and it’s proving to be the case.

Our editor posted a soundbite from one of Ange’s latest interviews. The former Socceroos boss talks about attending the Tommy Burns Story with his wife and delivers special comments about the Celtic legend who sadly passed way before his time.

Celtic fans over on our Facebook page [Celts Are Here] have been praising the manager for his wonderful words.

Celtic fans are desperate to see Ange pick up silverware at Celtic.


  1. His words about Tommy, the way he handles the press, the way the players seem so happy to play for him, the way he demanded all his coaches were in his Manager of the Month photo because it’s a team effort…I swear this guy impresses me more and more every day. He’s filled with spirit of Tommy and Big Jock and I hope we can hold onto him for many a year. I see we still have issues in the team but I am 100% confident they will be sorted out by Ange, which is a sensation I cannot recall experiencing since the days of blessed Saint Martin (and even then it was like 98% confident as he had a habit of ensuring there was at least one “bomb-scare” potential player in the team at all times).

    Keep the faith



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