SCOTT SINCLAIR has had to put up with some unsavoury sections of our society since moving to Glasgow. The success of one person brings out the hatred in the vilest of people.

At Ibrox, it was monkey gestures, on social media he and his family have been harassed and abused and now we’re venturing into new territory on the form of banners on a bonfire.

The ‘Kulcher’ brigade is at it again, using this time of year to spew as much hatred on society as possible before they roll back under their rock until the next opportunity presents itself.

It is beyond any rational person how these sorts of events are allowed to go ahead where adults take along impressionable children who somehow think this is a healthy thing to do.

We don’t post this to pour shame on the troglodytes who are perpetrating these acts because they feel no shame. We post this to embarrass the authorities who allow this sort of hatefest to continue unchallenged in the 21st century.

Shame on you.



  1. Think these people are all vile and have nothing else to do with their time hate these people orange marches etc can’t stand what they walk for tae and as for the DUP and there’s a may should be oot of power tae cos they r all in dark ages

  2. Why do we expect any different from these Morons, they never tire of reminding us that Scotland is a Protestant country as in NI, they need this to hang onto. As long as the SMSM and governments turn a blind eye to there moronic attitude never heard anything about clowns who did the monkey gestures got on in court

  3. Can’t believe celtic gave these vile excuses for human beings 1,500 tickets for paradise it’s complete madness letting these bigots into our stadium to shout their vile views on sectarianism racism not to mention how much they love child abuse. These scumbags have no place in society never mind in paradise.Hail Hail

  4. Celtic have to retract their allocation to these hate filled supporters it will only end badly can just see all sorts of neo nazis turning up at paradise to try and turn this into another Manchester scenario

  5. Let them come to Celtic Park…..with enough rope they’ll hang themselves. This is a glorious opportunity to show Europe that Linfield fans and their Orange ilk are the problem. Leave the Pyro stuff at home and let the eyes of the official UEFA observer gaze in the direction of the knuckle scrappers from the wee province.

  6. And this is what we have come to endure from The Peeepellll.Why have they been given the opportunity to come to Paradise were all we will hear and see is Nothing but Bile and All there Nonsense Songs of Kafflik blood up to there knees Etc.Why even give This a Stage to Vent its Vileness…..Even if only one of these Skelpers showed face at Parkhead,Its one too many.In this day and age We still have this Ugliness in our Societies……Absolutely Shouldnt Be Tolerated.DIRTY ANIMALS!!!!!Kincora Boys Home springs to mind but i fail to see what child abuse has to do with Football…..

    • Unbelievable. Noticed one comment :

      Clicked on the woman’s profile, it said. “works at : Rangers FC”

      Sums it up eh? At least D Murray tried to put a stop to it. Now it is as ingrained as it ever was and blatantly so.

      I saw one guy, one, condemn it. These are the people who howl “whataboutery” over Mark Walters. The difference is, Walters signed for Rangers 30 years ago…. I’d like to think we’ve progressed a bit as a support. Yes we have bawbags, but all racial abuse is wrong be it 1987 or 2017 and should be condemned.

  7. When are the authorities going to confront these glaring anti social events and stop hiding behind the containment excuse
    Tear them down then hose them down when they march or riot
    Very little changes until confronted in the light of day

  8. A lot of these bonfires are paid for by the councils and help buy their uniforms and flutes for the f the pope bands,in America they would be the K K K. We are well used to it by now.

  9. The Linfield chairman, has just told us this morning how thinking has changed in his side of the device!! Is that so? Well I ask others out with this bigoted ,sectarian ,festival to watch newsreels tonight and watch the same people who say it has all changed, celebrate a pagan festival, all day tomorrow, whilst the powers that be stand back and allow the bigotry, and sectarianism to take place. In fact you will find that 70% of those in power WILL be leading the bigots, and sectarian pagan festival! Hope UEFA are watching closely, and know why Glasgow Celtic did not take up their ticket allocation for the bigots match!

  10. What has this to do with football! These cretins are so low they could crawl up a snakes jaxsy . These lowlife are being funded for street parties and pandered by all in DUP not one word of condemnation from the 10 Apostles of hate who are keeping MAY in government, shame on them and the Tories jumping in to bed with supporters of this crap.

  11. Although CFC have rejected the offer of tickets for the Belfast game, will CFC receive a fine if there is trouble? surely this would be a Linfield problem if inside or a PSNI problem if outside, just a longshot but could be rehearsed. Have EUFA decided any punishment for sevco regarding their fans behaviour during their ill fated Europa journey

  12. Guttersnipes ,the lot of them..and that goes for the people in positions of ‘responsibility and power’ who allow these disgusting hate-peddlers free rein to abuse and piss on anything or anybody who isn’t of their twisted ilk.
    They’re fucked up,and like RFC,are dying … they’re the kind of people who,if they were drowning,would pull you under with them if you threw them a rope.
    It would be more fitting for these hillbilly-boys to just organise an annual banjo-playing festival instead of their usual deathmarches.
    May it piss down hard on their parade.

  13. Agree fully with everyone regarding these backwards clowns and their abuse of Scott Sinclair, but sad to say I’ve seen a few homophobic posts in reply from some Celtic FB pages, we’re 1000 times better than them, let’s not sink to their level


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