CELTIC are looking for a new full time manager in the summer with Neil Lennon currently in pole position to take the job on permanently should he hit his targets.

However, one name which has popped up in the last 48 hours and has now reached its way down south is the status of Rafa Benitez. Now, this could be as simple a link as Celtic need a new manager in the summer and the Spaniard’s current Newcastle contract runs out in the summer – but is there anything more to it?

If you ask the lads at ‘The Mag’ – An independent long standing Newcastle website, they tell us NO but that answer comes from their preconceived notions of what they think the Celtic job is.

“The clock is ticking down and now only 52 days until Newcastle play their last game of Rafa’s current contract, so obviously speculation on the manager’s future is going to increase by the day.
However, I just can’t see any way that Rafa Benitez would be stepping down to that level.

“The level of most clubs/players is Championship/League One and Celtic are walking the league each season.

“The suggestion that European football might tempt Rafa Benitez is something I just can’t see, Even if Celtic got into the Champions League group stages the level of players Rafa could sign is so low that trying to compete is all but impossible at European level.”

They wrote this based off of Etims writing the below.

‘The talk is of who might be the man to get the Celtic job on a permanent basis, and one name is being mentioned much more than any other.

“He’s been around a bit and is out of contract in the summer.

“As usual, I’ve heard something, and I’m telling you. Technically, I read something and wrote it down for you, but that’s not as catchy a phrase.

“Whatever comes of this, it means that there is a bid to bring someone else in for next season. A surprisingly mature way of doing things for Celtic, which also means that they have plans for Lennon, possibly as some sort of ambassador.

“Benitez has European pedigree and isn’t going to get European football with Newcastle any time soon. Maybe that’s the carrot he’s biting at.”

Our verdict

This would be the sort of managerial appointment Celtic should be looking to aim for. Whether they can afford or satisfy the aspirations of a manager who has done so much within the game is another thing.

Rafa isn’t happy at Newcastle and it appears he is biding his time before he decided what to do next. Celtic have many positives when it comes to a different type of challenge to what a lot of managers will be used to. Newcastle lose three games in a row and no big deal, Celtic do the same and you will know all about it.

Whether this is taxi driver talk remains to be seen but it’s heartening to hear a name which is deviating from the depressing list we find ourselves with so far.


  1. The Mag is probably at least 80% correct, sadly. Rafa woukd be a great manager for us, but why would he come to scottish football? Yes, Celtic is a huge institution, but this domestic setting is not very appealing to top quality persons, unless they have some Celtic connection.


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